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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I'm giving this a four star review although the instructions are so clear and concise it deserves a five star rating I have pretty good eyesight and the tiny little dull colored thumbnails were disturbingly hard to see. If this author wants to really 'knock 'em dead' with this book I have only one suggestion Your writing and instructions absolutely sing so you are doing a discredit to yourself by not having photos that show the wonderful work you are writing about.

Looking at the photo in the upper right of my screen as I review this only strengthens my belief that better photography is the ONLY thing this book needs to be a best seller! This is an awesome guide for anybody who wants to learn how to make paper beads! Everything is explained in detail, very thorough, you don't have to guess and feel lost between the steps. You can learn everything about the paper you can use and how to paint your own paper. You will learn how to make all kinds of beans, from basic ones like oval, round, cylinder, cone or hourglass beads to making fancy beads like layered cylinder, gold nugget, double-cuff, flat or two-tone beads.

There is explanation for overseas beads like basic bicone, disc or bell beads. And you get to see alternate rolling methods, which is excellent, because you can experiment and see what suits you best. There are also ideas for projects and gallery of finished works.

You will pretty soon find yourself going around your home and getting ideas on what kind of paper you can use, what you can do with that sweater that is waiting for a coordinate necklace for quite some time, it is so exciting! The book is well written and the only thing that is a minus is the quality of photography.

You can still learn everything from them, it is only that I think that such a great resource book deserves great photography to compliment the effort that went into the writing of this comprehensive guide. What a great book!! The ideas in this book have expanded my mind to many possibilities beyond what I once thought was possible with handmade paper beads. Thank you Kimberly Clarkson for bringing this very old and interesting craft into the 21rst century!

Thanks to you, there are no limits to what can be done with these beads. My only concern is I would love to have this book in a hard copy as well as on my devices. For me, it is the kind of reference book that I want to have sitting on my work table and be able to open to any page for creative inspiration at any time.

One review stated that the pictures were dull and unappealing at one time, thanks for changing that, they are wonderful now.

How to Make Paper Beads

This book is fantastically informative, easy to understand, and inspirational. I had been wanting to learn how to craft paper beads to create bracelets ever since I had heard about them on YouTube. This book, definitely filled that bill. Easy to understand for the absolute beginner, like myself. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn this old time craft.

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If you are interested in finding out how to make beautiful paper beads this is the must-have book. Very thorough and easy to understand. I particularly like that Kimberly covers the basics and also more advanced forms. I would think even experienced bead makers could get new ideas and techniques. Love it, would buy it again! Paper beads are completely new to me. My initial thought was "who wants beads made of paper? It is intended for beginners in the craft, and is written in an easy to read style. Instructions are clear and concise. Some of the jewelry and especially the purses are stunning.

Use a finish like Marvin Medium, ModPodge, Diamond Glaze, or a solution of one part clear-drying glue to two parts water. You might shove a toothpick into a pincushion or a piece of Styrofoam to allow it to dry completely. Add multiple coats for a glossier, longer-lasting finish.


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Wait several hours until your clear finish has set on the bead. Slide the bead off the end of the dowel. If it is well wrapped and glued, it will hold. If the bead begins to unravel, replace it on your skewer and add more glue and finish where necessary. Use the aforementioned directions to create as many beads as you would like to finish your project. Make several for jewelry pieces, or create a long string to use for decoration in your home. Cut long triangles from a piece of white printing paper. Draw on each cut-out with markers, pencils, or pens.

Since the triangle will eventually be rolled onto itself, only the outermost edges and the last inch or two of the tip of the paper will be visible; these are the areas where you should focus your design. Play around with a few colors and design combinations as you go to see what looks best. Color the tip of the triangle red and then alternate 1-inch 2.

Color the tip of the triangle black, move down an inch, draw 1-inch 2.

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Do not use washable markers, especially if you plan to glaze your beads; the colors will run. Turn each triangle design-side down and apply a bit of glue to the pointy end. Begin rolling your bead.

Starting at the wide end, roll the triangle around itself using a dowel or other slender cylinder. A rounded toothpick or bamboo skewer would work nicely as well. Let it dry thoroughly, making sure it doesn't stick to anything. Try putting your toothpick into a pincushion or a piece of Styrofoam to keep it from coming into contact with anything. When the finish has had time to dry completely, slide the bead off the end of the dowel.

For earrings or a bracelet, you might make only a few beads. For a necklace or other larger project, you'll need more. Before you add your varnish, use paint to create an additional decorative design along the outside of your beads. For extra texture, use puff paint which dries in a bubble-like form above the surface of the bead. Put on a little glitter. To make your beads sparkly, use glitter glue or loose glitter over the surface of the paper. Add the glitter before your final coat of varnish to keep it from rubbing off as a result of wear and tear. Try adding several coats of glitter in different colors for a lovely rainbow effect.

Wrap the beads up in string. Don't thread the beads on string; use string to create a decorative pattern along the outside of the paper. Cut a small piece of colored thread and use glue to wrap the exterior of the bead with the string. Use several pieces of string for added color and texture. Use a little wire.

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Use colored florists wire to thread the beads and create pretty spiral or geometric patterns around the outside. Run the wire through the middle of the bead, and then bend it to shape around the bead. Give your beads a glaze. Use a translucent nail polish or watered down paint to coat your bead in an additional color.

Adding the glaze will create a light, semi-opaque layer of color over the paper. You can also use watercolor paints for this. They are somewhat delicate usually but the end effect depends on how much glaze or glue you put on them when completed. Be careful with them and they should be fine. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Can I use paper beads to decorate a dress, or it will it ruin after washing?

Don't decorate the dress, but you can certainly make an amazing necklace, earrings, a ring and bracelet to set off your dress. Not Helpful 4 Helpful You should cut it with scissors to the size that you want, but add the varnish after you cut it. Technically they're already beads. Not Helpful 2 Helpful So, this new mark is five centimeters from the left side of the page. Draw yet another slant starting at the three-centimeter mark at the top of the page, extending down to the new three-centimeter mark on the bottom of the page. A standard-size piece of printer paper will make 12 beads.

The next stage will be rolling them! Continue rolling the paper strip around the skewer, being sure to keep the paper taut and the sides even.

I found that the most ideal way to dry the beads was to stick each one on its own skewer and stick the opposite end of the skewer into a piece of Styrofoam. When the bead is dry, take it off the skewer. I would suggest twisting rather than pulling it off. I covered mine in lots and lots of Mod Podge; I think I did at least four coats per bead. I want these babies to last foreverrrr! Start off by folding your entire length of elastic in half, making sure the ends meet together. This will make a large loop. Now take the other end of the elastic end 2 and weave it through the opposite side of the same bead from the previous step.

Once you have both of the ends woven through each side of the bead, pull on them until the bead reaches the end of the loop, like so:.

Lets make Fancy Paper Beads Lets make Fancy Paper Beads
Lets make Fancy Paper Beads Lets make Fancy Paper Beads
Lets make Fancy Paper Beads Lets make Fancy Paper Beads
Lets make Fancy Paper Beads Lets make Fancy Paper Beads
Lets make Fancy Paper Beads Lets make Fancy Paper Beads
Lets make Fancy Paper Beads Lets make Fancy Paper Beads

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