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Loved that the author didn't treat elderly with the usual invisibility of society. I am not sure if I will continue this series though. Nov 24, Nancy rated it it was amazing. This was an excellent book I would recommend this book to any one who wants an excellent read.

I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

A Dead End

Sep 08, Mary Ann Von Aschen rated it it was amazing. Fun This is a fun story and a quick read. It kept me very interested all the way to the end. Nov 25, Cass rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 25, Elizabeth rated it liked it. Fun and entertaining book. Sep 16, Penelope Wolfe rated it it was ok. Young adult novella with some redeeming qualities This book is too short and skimpy to be considered a novel. All throughout, I had the uncomfortable feeling that it was written for the 6th grade reading level. Not terribly sophisticated in language, it even uses a nearly illiterate interpretation of the phrase "rabble-rouser.

Sure, I know it's supposed to be funny. But these are like cartoon characters. If it were better written, I think the setting and culture would be hilarious. There is something interesting about the actress trying to solve a crime by remembering old procedural TV cop show scripts. Sep 18, Chris Blackton rated it it was ok. This book was too cutesy for my taste!

For instance the cops were named Harley and Jamieson a play on Harley Davidson. Fortunately, this was a novella! I don't think I could have tolerated much more. Aug 17, Veronica Rivera rated it liked it. This was a quick read, and it was cute for a murder mystery. The book introduced several characters that will continue on the series, and the relationship between them. Good start to the series without being too serious. Nov 22, E rated it liked it. This was another Kindle freebie.

A nice little mystery, but not nearly as good as the other mysteries I read. Not much development of the characters, and a lot of jumping around. I will not read any more of the series. Sep 10, Ht rated it really liked it. Read this book in one day. Nov 19, Penny Kimball rated it it was ok. I didn't love this one but I didn't totally hate it either. Although I usually prefer my murder mysteries to be psychological thrillers, I still like to kick back with the rom-com version every so often.

This one wasn't horrible, but it didn't tick a lot of boxes for me. The main problem for me was the protagonist Kit. She was a little too one-note for me, and without a single flaw. She's a beautiful and famous actress, she's been blackballed by Hollywood for sticking up for herself, and now she' I didn't love this one but I didn't totally hate it either. She's a beautiful and famous actress, she's been blackballed by Hollywood for sticking up for herself, and now she's forced to move back to her affluent hometown where she's fixing up the house she bought and her mother has pulled strings to get her into college and is also paying for it.

I suppose we're meant to feel sorry for her, but dealing with her mother's snobbishness doesn't seem like much of a hardship. Everyone likes her and magically she is good at pretty much everything. And she's clearly better than her mother's society friends because she likes to walk everywhere and she's fixing up her own house. Her love interest is the handsome detective named Romeo who doesn't have much of a personality at all other than to flirt with Kit. We learn next to nothing about him other than the fact that he's handsome and Italian.

He didn't feel fully fleshed out and for a murder mystery, there wasn't a lot of plot development. Clue here, gossip there, a few red herrings and then a quick resolution that felt rushed without much fanfare. The secondary and background characters were more interesting to me. This was book one in a series, so I realize the author probably intends to build on these characters over time, but this one didn't hold my interest enough to even want to read any of the other books in the series.

May 23, Kelly rated it it was amazing.

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This is only book 1 so maybe more of the romance story will be told in book 2. This book was focused more on the crime aspect of the storyline. The plot developed very well. I LOVE the characters and their chemistry. The dialogue was executed better than most books. I enjoyed reading this book, because I found out who the killer was right along with the characters in the book! My only dislike and this is extremely small is some of the writing seemed kind of corny.

Some of the lines were cheesy. It also might be something that others might not view the way I did. Jan 22, Jenger rated it liked it Shelves: I was pleasantly surprised and really struggled to give it only 3 stars. Rarely do I give 5 stars. The writing was clean, the storyline kept me interested even though it was quite light, and it moved at a good pace. I recommend this as a good read even if you have to pay for it.

Nov 09, Jada rated it it was ok. Quick read Light, quick read. Not a lot of thrills or twists, but still mostly enjoyable. Which is less realistic, but still. I also have Quick read Light, quick read. Jul 07, Alice rated it it was ok Shelves: The only good thing about it was the art and mermaids. Nov 13, Elvadrieng rated it really liked it. Manga Madness Readathon Round 4. Oct 11, Tarz rated it it was amazing. I couldn't put it down, loved every second.

Mar 11, Sarah Holl rated it it was amazing. Feb 03, Amanda Setasha Hall rated it it was amazing Shelves: That's really not the way I expected the story to go, but honestly, it was a really nice ending to the second volume. May 27, Erin H rated it really liked it Shelves: This is an enjoyable series and I like all the fairies mentioned.

They are still looking for the sword and this volume was a little darker than I thought it would be. I really liked the ending and am going to continue this series. May 14, Sara Story rated it it was ok. What they find there is both magical and dangerous, but is Lydia safe and will Edgar become the true Earl? These questions are the pinnacle of this book. The plot is magical and suspenseful.

The riddles are based in lore and clever--helping the readers take part in this grand treasure hunt. By far one of the most magical elements of this manga is the artwork. The drawings have an airy magic to them that compliments the fantastical tone of the text. The depictions of mystical creatures are placed into two categories: What the book lacks is a cast of characters that are relatable and well-established.

The characters are erratic to a fault. You can never accurately pinpoint who there are everyone except Lydia is hiding a dark, unknowable past or what they will do. This makes the characters frustrating and nonsensical. The only thing that you can accurately predict happening is that Lydia will stay with Edgar despite all the reasons to run away. Edgar has proven in Volume One, and again proves in this book, that he is not trustworthy. Edgar lacks enough character traits, or consistent and real character traits, to be a good Byronic hero and this is what makes him less broodingly handsome and more inconsistent and annoying.

While this books has wonderful qualities—its magic, spiraling storyline and fairy tale-esque artwork—its lack of strong, likeable characters diminishes the quality of the overall piece. I will continue with the series for the plot structure in the art. What I hope for future volumes is character growth and development and more reasonable decision making—fingers crossed. Mar 11, Judy Geeky Reading rated it liked it Shelves: I am enjoying this series so far, but I would like to be more excited for it. After getting free, the group now together again, they come upon a balcony, where something happens with one of them.

Some of them are upset, but continue on.

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When they finally get to the hidden place, they find a merrow in human form, which is essentially a mermaid. You want to find out what my vague synopsis means, go read the book. I found the ending to be rather interesting and well done, and am looking forward to the next volume. It should be moving into a new story arc, so I'm interested to see what's next. Nov 05, Rachel A. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really loved reading this story. The plot was cute but there was still so much action and adventure and fun happening in the book.

The characters were so much better in this and I enjoyed it so much better than the first! Th story is about a girl called Lydia, Lydia Carlton.

OneRepublic - Start Again ft. Logic

She is a fairy doctor and she was on her way to meet her father, a professor in London when she was kidnapped, then saved by another kidnapper! Kind of confusing but it is pretty well explained when you read it. Both kidn I really loved reading this story. Both kidnappers are looking for the same thing; the sword of the Blue Knight Earl, and they will do anything to get it. So this review will have spoilers, so if you do not plan on reading this or have read it, please carry on. And to the rest of you who plan on reading it, this is where I must mark the X in blood, so byeeee! So, people who have read this, do you love it as much as I did?

I am really, really, really excited to read the next couple of books in the series for this book. I really enjoyed it. However do you think the ending was much of a cliffhanger? No particularly for me but that's okay because have moved on from this adventure, they have their climax now! I feel bad because I didn't really like him but I didn't want him to die either. The merpeople rules bother me Ermine's death, I was going to cry so hard. I was in a what, 3 hour mourning period?

My Harry Potter on was 4 days, so 3 hours is pretty good. The weird thing is it was so unclear what she died for, but because she was such a close character to Edgar, how she loved him like the world it was so melancholy to see her go. I really liked her as well. Also how do you pronounce her name, Ermine?

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. This was a very fun, very cute read about a fairy godmother named Ciera. The synopsis tells you the plot pretty well, so I won't restate it. I absolutely loved these characters. I fell in love with Dane, and Rosa was so sweet - she reminds me of me at that age. Ciera herself was wonderful, too, and I'd love to see more of these characters.

The story was cute, and I liked how things panned out. Nov 09, Molly rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Recommended to Molly by: Axpreaderland, goodreads, author newsletter. A purple haired fairy finds herself pregnant with a human child, and tries to track the father down to deal with the consequences. She meets Dane the Thief and his daughter Rosalee. Think you have trouble with technology some time? Imagine you were from another reality. Hilarity, love, loss, and the gift of being different and enjoying it are all embraced in this fast paced colorful story.

Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother's Journey...

A chance for new life and love in a completely different world, that pretty out of this world. Nov 04, Janet rated it really liked it. I love Joynell's books. She writes with passion and great imagination and this book is no exception. I was expecting a tale of how an unexpected family is formed but this confounded all my expectations with the direction it took. I like to be surprised by a book and I certainly was with this one. A lovely tale, well written and well told, a delightful read.

I received an ARC from the author but am voluntarily writing a review and the opinions are my own. Mar 03, Bob Neumann rated it it was amazing. Cierra is a top notch fairy godmother. Only she got in her predicament by magic as she granted a wish. Now she finds her magic is curtailed by the immenant birth of her child. What we have is a whimsical jaunt through the streets of Chicago looking for a man named John.

May 24, Ann O'Nymos rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a cute little story about a fairy who just wants to grant wishes but when one of those wishes involves her getting pregnant, everything changes. Cujo, Halloween, and other horror movies to make them fear the human world. And Ceira is just adorable.

A heart warming quick read. Apr 11, Sheila rated it liked it. Cute Nice little short story. It was ok but lacked a bit with the characters. Jan 30, Teresa Jobes rated it it was amazing. So sweet reminds me of the movie "Enchanted". Really not a lot of stories about fairy godmothers, especially pregnant ones!

Definitely also a " fish out of water" plotline. Sep 25, Dee Smith rated it it was amazing. I thought this was a fun short novella. It was a quick lighthearted read and very enjoyable. The main character is adorable and the story read well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would like to read more from this author. Feb 09, Dan rated it it was amazing. It was a good novella. I enjoyed reading this book. The characters were well defined and the plot was tight.

May 23, Kristina Grindle rated it it was amazing. If fairys did exist this would be the story of one fairy godmother and her first child.

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It was very enjoyable. Jan 20, Christine James rated it it was amazing. It's a feel good book. I enjoyed reading it. And reading about the fairy world and a fairy who doesn't quite fit in anymore. Nov 12, Marlys rated it it was amazing. I was given this book as a gift and I chose to review it. This is a sweet novella. I enjoyed the story and I had to finish it! I want to read more books by this author. Jan 22, stacy wilson rated it it was amazing. Fast and easy to read. Plot was well written. A fairy tale for adults which I really liked. Nov 11, Ashley rated it it was amazing.

Not a normal everyday read for me.

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Good story and good characters. Would read more by this author! Jan 25, Angel Graham rated it liked it Shelves: A quick fun read. Oct 24, Sandra Singleton rated it it was amazing. Mar 04, Tana rated it did not like it. This is one of those ideas that should've stayed private. Dec 25, Debra rated it really liked it.

Hidden Good story line just a little to short would have like to see some of there family life like have her father meet Dane. Sep 21, Pat Raab rated it it was amazing. Feb 28, BonusMom rated it it was amazing. A really fun read What a great little fairy tale. It adds a whole new meaning to the issues that mommy-to-be's have. And talk about finding a needle in a haystack!!!

LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1) LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1)
LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1) LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1)
LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1) LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1)
LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1) LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1)
LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1) LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1)
LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1) LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1)
LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1) LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1)
LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1) LITTLE KEELEE (When Fairies may come Book 1)

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