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Fearing the Curse of Bipolar Disorder

It felt as if this curse robbed me of who I was and I believed the lie that I did not deserve to live because it was never going to get better.


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I have always been a passionate person, but before bipolar disorder, I lacked significant meaning and happiness in my life. I did not feel that I had a cause to strive for, or even a place in the world where my light truly shined. I always felt uneasy about where to live, what to do and who to be. I had a gaping hole of insecurity in my heart and I never felt at peace.

Once I realized that bipolar disorder is manageable, I have since been blessed with astounding gifts due to my efforts in spreading awareness about mental illness. The pain that I experienced felt unbearable at the time, and while in the midst of my struggles, I could not see beyond the borders of this curse.

However, these experiences have taught me that I have a choice in how I approach and manage my illness. There are still days that I am deeply challenged, but because I have been through so much devastation, I am now equipped to get through anything. When I was newly diagnosed, I was relieved thinking that this illness is temporary. That made me compliant in taking medications and was having false hopes that this illness will be gone.

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When I knew that this has no cure, I was devastated and thinking that this is a curse. I had ifs — if only I am not that very sensitive and weak, I would not end up having this so called Bipolar. When the challenges arise, I relapsed because I thought of it as a curse. I had let it control me instead I should be the one in control. Realizing that there is something I can do to minimize relapse, I changed my mindset.

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Instead of seeing it as a curse, I see it as a gift instead. I accepted it as a part of my life. I am thinking that this illness was given to me because I am strong enough to handle it.

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It is hard to attain stability. Now that I am stable for more than a year now, I am so proud with myself. It is because I am able to handle it. I am living a normal life.

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What I have realized today is that the mind is powerful. The way you see things really matter. This is very true in managing Bipolar Disorder. If you take it positively, you get positive results.

A Day in the Life of a Healthy Person

Thank You for reading. I feel amidst the highs and lows I am a naturally positive person and so I try to remember that and channel that positive energy towards good outcomes and lasting relationships. I wanted to open up that conversation and show people that anyone could have a mental illness, and most of all that there is hope for all of us. Through a swarm of media attention and local networking efforts, we garnered a significant amount of support and recognition for our work. As time went on, more people wanted to be a part of this project, and I began speaking at community events and in classrooms, and launched a youth support group out of my basement suite.

An amazing team formed and I was no longer a one-woman show; I was the Bipolar Babe working in the company of six passionate board members integral to our success. Today, we provide five programs offering peer support and mental health education. Together with a dedicated staff, we coordinate and deliver programs that have an immense impact on many lives.

BD , a research network at the University of British Columbia. I know now that years of perseverance and dream building have truly rewarded me in more ways than I could possibly have imagined. There have been countless amazing moments along the way, but I will never forget one in particular: I have learned that no matter what challenges we face, we can all live extraordinary lives. Thank you for your interest! Please fill in your email address to the form below in order to show the link to download the current issue of Ageless Magazine.

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Hope A Gift A Curse Hope A Gift A Curse
Hope A Gift A Curse Hope A Gift A Curse
Hope A Gift A Curse Hope A Gift A Curse
Hope A Gift A Curse Hope A Gift A Curse
Hope A Gift A Curse Hope A Gift A Curse
Hope A Gift A Curse Hope A Gift A Curse

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