Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1)

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These curses trap the families and the powers of ancestral curses torment generation after generation until they learn how to free themselves. Rather than seek GOD, people first seek their own remedies. GOD performs miracles, and anything else is magick! Exodus 7 KJV 19 And the Lord spake unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, Take thy rod, and stretch out thine hand upon the waters of Egypt, upon their streams, upon their rivers, and upon their ponds, and upon all their pools of water, that they may become blood; and that there may be blood throughout all the land of Egypt, both in vessels of wood, and in vessels of stone.

Many kings, pharaohs, and presidents of nations have raised altars to draw from the power source of these false gods, in order to secure power to rule over the people. Many noble African leaders have raised such altars at the Nile River…. Over the horizon of time, many evil spirits have possessed waters of the oceans, rivers, streams, ponds, and seas; and they have twisted it into a festering cesspool to be used against the people of this world. Some of these entities are known today as myths, legends and such but the truth is they can and do exist.

They are called, mermaids, Queens of the Coast, but if you watch the internet…your not going to hear of it on the news, people…. Apsu or Abzu sired upon Tiamat the elder deities Lahmu and Lahamu masc. She and Apsu filled the cosmic abyss with the primeval waters. These are marriage-breaking spirits, and become the spiritual husband to women or the spiritual wife to me.

Sexual spirits are called incubi and succube. We even find the exact counterpart of these demons within the Kabbalah, where it is said that the demons are both male and female, and they both endeavor to consort with human beings, a conception from which arises the belief in incubi and succube. Bishop describes the place as a city like no other on this earth, and more beautiful than this underwater metropolis. There were giant futuristic crystal skyscrapers and brilliant lazer lights bedazzling the currents of the sea.

It was a spellbinding place, beyond words; it reminds you of a spiritual Disney World. The streets were made of gold-not real gold but something that appeared gold. There is nothing in the world that could compare to this enchanting place, such a stunning, majestic, and ravishing habitation.

It was apocalyptical, fairyland. He is the father of chaos, not Creation! In every country in the world, you will find the spiritual parallel in the City Under the Sea. Even the highways between the cities here above water are connected just as those in the spiritual cities. I believe the saddest part of this whole story is this: There are many children in the underwater city.

Some of these children belong to witchcraft families. These are children who have been abandoned by their parents and roam the streets. They are picked up by the queens of covens and king wizards. Once they come to the underwater city, they go through initiation rites involving chanting and bathing them in blood, using both animal and human sacrifices. Here, human blood is used to appease the demigods. In exchange, they hope to be blessed by these gods with good fortune.

They are asked to give away meals to their relatives to gain demonic power over them; they will put magical potions in these meals. These children are hardened in their hearts and they turn against their mothers, father, sisters, brothers, and aunties to kill them. Many times these children are directed to work evil powers against their relatives, sometimes bringing about their deaths to prove their loyalty to Satan.

They are sent into churches to steal souls. The demons use the bodies of these children to control others.

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At the same time, these demons are under the control of Satan. Strangely, these children witches and wizards can be seen flying at night like fiery rockets in the sky. Sometimes they can be seen whizzing through the night like fireworks. Astral Projection is spoken of in the Bible! Flying witches are spoken of in Ezekiel!

Ezekiel 13 KJV 20 Wherefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly. Midday is another dangerous time for a wizard, for then no man can cast a shadow.

The superstitution is that his soul has temporarily disappeared. A soul and shadow being equal and invisible spirits are looking for an abode. Children are forbidden to play with their shadows by chandlelight lest their tie them in knots and lose them. These witchcraft-controlled children each have many snake spirits in their stomachs and these evil spirits are the mediums of their evil assignments. Joel 2 KJV 4 The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run.

Ezekiel 2 KJV 6 And thou, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: Luke 11 KJV 12 Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? A mysterious character is introduced into the Revelations. He is released from the Abyss along with the multitude of angels and demons, and is identified as their king or ruler: Revelation 9 KJV 11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Pure or Crown Marine Spirits This marine spirit is an unaltered version of the original demon using their power to pull down the children of GOD. Seven is their symbol and belong to Alpha And Omega Council of spirits and take part in the inner council meeting if Satan. This spirit is a territorial ruler and can control more than 70, people.

Princess Marine Spirits Princess Marine Spirits are demons which graduate into the Pure Marine class-over her possession is so vicious. Girls do not like to leave her as it provides them with material things and operates with them. Marine Vampire A river spirit who has specialized is a blood drinking and connives with marine demons to cause accidents on the roads and drink the blood. This exotic spiritual city is the place where I trained to become a wizard. Here, I learned to practice the deception for Satan and his strategies to help him to win the world for his evil cause.

These plans not only included deceiving people in the world but also consisted of bewitching the backslidden people in the Christian churches. I tell you, He knows it. This is the reason why he can take the advantage. He works freely in many churches because only a few are able to discern his works and hardly anyone ever believes them. This ability means that I was considered to be a middle-class wizard. A demon told me that he had the power to affect transmutations with humans. All at once, he changed me into a snake.

I got so exited that I wanted to go and play in this new body form. I was able to go through walls and these new body forms were moved by my mind power. I became more and more intrigued with the powers of the demonic world. The dictionary definition of a werewolf: Severe demonic possession is also required. Fox and The Harry Potter books and movies.

These same supernatural powers are shown in these films. This realm is the world to which every wizard seeks constant access. It is a world filled with exciting adventures with magic awaiting them at every step. This means that if another person claims to be a witch or wizard and is not sharp, we can eliminate that individual.

Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1) (Epub & Mobi)

If you are not serving Jesus, the demons will try to kill you, too. If one wizard meets another person who claims to have supernatural powers, a wizard will want to see if that person is more forceful. This testing extends to Christians who say they have spiritual power. The way this power works is, a witch or wizard will fly and scan the Believers before they attempt to work their spells. They do this because every witch or wizard knows that if a curse is sent upon a person and if the mission fails, the demons will return and use their powers upon the attacking witch.

In fact, the demons will bring ten more powerful new demons that will attack the witch. If the person is living a holy life covered by the blood of Jesus, a wise wizard will not attack. Some of these children belong to witchcraft families. These are children who have been abandoned by their parents and roam the streets.

These street children are picked up by the queens of covens and the king wizards. Once they come to the underwater city, they go through initiation rites involving chanting and bathing them in blood, using both animal and human sacrifices. Here, human blood is used to appease the demi-gods. In exchange, they hope to be blessed by these gods with good fortune. They are asked to give away meals to their relatives to gain demonic power over them.

Of course, they will put magical potions in these meals. These children are hardened in their hearts and they turn against their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and aunties to kill them. Many times these children are directed to work evil powers against their relatives, sometimes even bringing about their deaths to prove their loyalty to Satan. It is a chilling story, but true.

We are very protective concerning our Christian children. They are sent into churches to destroy them. Many well-meaning Christians cannot discern the evil nature of these children because they simply see them as children. Notwithstanding, the demons that use the bodies of these children to control others are shrewd. At the same time, these evil demons are under the control of Satan. The demons simply use the bodies of the children to rob, kill and destroy. The unsuspecting buyer will take these shells home. The demons will attach themselves to these shells. This is a way that Satan can work powers through the shells as a point of contact.

He uses them to destroy them and work evil in their homes. I know a woman that took a beautiful shell from a child on the beach. His eyes had the sunken hollowed look that looked like black, endless pools with largely dilated, glassy pupils. Then she began to have tormenting sexual dreams. Suddenly, her yard filled with frogs. The Holy Spirit revealed to her to destroy the shell. She did and the dreams disappeared and so did the frogs.

Child witches and wizards can also be seen flying at night streaking like fiery rockets in the sky. Sometimes they can be seen whizzing through the night like fireworks. Midday is another dangerous time for a wizard, for then no man can cast a shadow. The superstition is that his soul has temporarily disappeared.

A soul and shadow being equal, and invisible spirits are looking for an abode. Children are forbidden to play with their shadows by candlelight lest they tie them in knots or lose them. These witchcraft-controlled children each have many snake spirits in their stomachs and these evil spirits are the mediums of their evil assignments. One young boy, seven years old, recently appeared in our church.

He had painted his shoes with the mixture of human blood from his victims and a red dye. He confessed that he was the king of wizards of his coven. He told our church that he had five snakes in his stomach, one red, one white, and three black ones. He said that he used these snakes to kill people for his sacrifices. I know that it is hard for a normal mind to believe these things, but I have him confessing this on videotape! Another young girl came into the church.

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She was nine years old. She told us that she was the Queen of her coven. She told us that she was sent into the church to destroy it. Here is an interesting Scripture in this context: And though they ascend into heaven, From there shall I bring them down, And though they hide on the summit of Carmel, I will search them out and take them from there: Here is a Scripture that connects the underworld compartment, Sheol, and the serpent in the bottom of the sea.

It was a serpent in the Garden of Eden that ensnared Eve. This same creature is used in Revelation The Scripture links sea-serpents with Sheol, an underground abode of departed spirits. But other months the babies would live. The answer to the problem of being barren… an agent is supposedly able to cure this childless condition by using the witchcraft powers of jujus. This form of witchcraft is considered the highest level. If a barren woman goes to a native witch doctor, she would be asked to bring certain things such as human bones, ashes that were used to cook food for her.

When she becomes pregnant, and gives birth, she does not deliver a normal human being. It could appear as a usual baby but it is a spiritually formed baby. In many women who are barren, the problems could be caused by demons. It is not a rare thing for a woman to be barren on earth but have children in the sea! Some children who were captured by witches and wizards from the City Under the Sea can be rescued and converted. I personally have known many of these human children that have been converted to Christianity.

In our church in Africa, we have children who have found salvation through the grace of God. We destroy the demonic powers over these pots and articles through prayer in the Name of Jesus. In conclusion, it has been our experience that if we try to convert them without getting these articles, they will just return back to witchcraft. Before I received Jesus, whenever I needed a human sacrifice to work ritualism, I would turn myself into a crocodile and look for a swimmer in a lake, river or sea. Then the person would spring back to the top of the water. The victim would scream and thrash around in fear.

The people with the victim would try to grab and try to hold on but the oozy matter stopped them from being able to maintain their grip of the body. The body would slip from their seizure and sink again and again. Then the spiritual crocodile could pull the body about fifty kilometers away in the water. Afterward, I would take the body parts for my sacrifice. The people were busy looking in the area where they last saw the victim. Several days later, the remains of the body would wash up somewhere else down the stream. In those days, if I, as a wizard, wanted to kill a person, I could look into their stomach and could see everything about them.

Then spiritually, I would put my hand into their abdomen and break their intestines and then within the next twenty-five minutes the person would have a stomachache, and pain. Soon, the situation would become very serious and the person would die. I had many spiritual eyes that Satan put around my head. I could see in all directions, front, back and sides at any time. A high level wizard has special weapons so that he can defeat his spiritual opponents. Some of the demons in the bottom of the sea appear in the form of humans while others proudly sport their fallen natures and appear as gods and goddesses.

Some come out as angels of light, while others look like mystical monsters. Also, they have exposed themselves to many people who are inventing demonic computer games. Another promoter is the horror movie. These unclean spirits attach themselves to these demonic articles. Then, they will enter into your house and then into your body.

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Believe me, after exposure, you will be tormented unless you are fortunate enough to receive Jesus Christ and deliverance. The supernatural beings, Leviathan and Rahab roam the seas and fight for the control of the entrances of Sheol-Hades. During the coming tribulation period, these evil forces will finally gain release of their comrades below, including their king, Abaddon. The Lord will allow Satan to release two demonic orders from Sheol-Hades: The scorpion-centaurs, Revelation 9: The two-hundred million demon horsemen shown in Revelation 9: In both these groups we see the shapes of horses.

These scorpion-centaurs, whose appearance is like a horse and scorpion, are turned loose during the tribulation to torment men for five months, Revelation 9: Influential people such as, big businessman, doctors, lawyers and politicians were coming. These people were coming from all over the world… from everywhere. I even saw powerful political personalities in the underwater spirit world. These were people who had sold their souls for positions of power.

They had given themselves over to greed and demon possession. They had sold their souls just to sit upon the seats of thrones of world tycoons, barons and kings. They came from all over the world. Some of the people who had been elevated to higher positions were given crowns and thrones. At a tender age, I had been given these supernatural powers. I could fly astral project — soul travel and bring reports back to my father from the City Under the Sea.

Once I was sent to represent my father in India. Then I was able to soul travel to anywhere in the world. Then, later on, return to Africa. Frequently, occultists deeply desire to spend much of their time in a strange fantasy world. They can travel there through astral travel, in which their soul actually leaves their body to go into the next dimension; of course, a demonic spirit must remain in the body to keep it from dying, as it will when it has no spirit.

The Fallen Angels And Marine Spirits

The Bible speaks to this fact most clearly; in Genesis A demonic spirit occupies the body to keep the human body alive while this diabolic practice happens. It is the demon spirit s possessing them in this witchcraft maneuver. Do not be deceived; this spiritual world is the supernatural world of the demonic. While in this dimension, the spirit of the person can be thoroughly deceived by the demonic host. While under demonic hypnotic control, the child is given counterfeit experiences that make them feel truly blessed, and very gratified. The entire experience occurs in the supernatural [demonic] realm.

I had so much spiritual authority that many world leaders were placed under me spiritually. After my salvation experience, I promised God not to mention their names. When I saw them, I would flash a demonic sign with my fingers and they would smile and flash me a sign.

I thought that I had control of all these powers but it was only after receiving Jesus that I discovered that these powers had control over me. This strange underwater habitation was used to manufacture things to lure people into busy lives so that they would not have time for God. Satan uses the gods of money, fashions, perversions, pornography, tattoos, and piercing with rings. These demons also produce new inventions. There are also laboratories in which articles are invented to steal the souls of people.

As a result, gadgets are dreamed up here before they ever appear in the world. For instance, I remember seeing computers there in the early seventies before they ever became popular in the world. Computers are exploding and will eventually replace the telephone and television. Moreover, the Internet is not regulated so it is filled with evil music, pornographic, witchcraft, and evil demonic game sites. It is window-dressing for millions to stumble into wickedness. Beneath the sea in the city, there are telescopes, televisions that seem to be supernatural.

These machines are given to the agents to take into their homes for them to watch a person. These televisions allow agents to follow the movements of Christians and track the plans of churches that they are assigned to defeat. Satan also invents new fashions there to ensnare souls. If a person goes to a soothsayer, there is a written record that is kept under the sea. This curse of the law shown in the Bible will follow the person and their generational lines. Remember Satan keeps records! We were like zombies ruled by evil demons.

Now I can see that demons need human bodies to work through to accomplish their evil deeds. Our motivations were void of human feelings. Our hearts were hard, cold as ice and full of horrendous hate. So, people were to us like inanimate objects, like dead dolls. We were totally involved with our desires to progress to higher levels in this demonic world.

We could cause all types of accidents, strife and wars between nations. We could use our powers to cause death, sickness, and discouragement and break up marriages. We would work through our magic televisions tracking systems to bring our enemies into bankruptcies. Backsliding Christians were marked for death and we would quickly move to cause accidents to pull them into hell. Remember, the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. Satan cannot appear to a person unless he owns them and they are slaves to serve him.

On the other hand, Satan has permission to appear to them when they belong to him. Some demons appear as beautiful angels. They are full of deceptions and know how to disguise themselves as angels of light. He is the demon that controls all kinds of witchcraft. I have worked with this demon before.

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Beelzebub, the lord of the flies, is in charge of the witches and wizards. He is the embodiment of cruelty. They have been worshiped since the beginning of time. I saw the forms of these gods. The pantheon of the gods and goddesses of Egypt included the forms of beings such as Bast, the cat goddess. She is the goddess of pleasure. The famed Isis is known to use her powers to heal humankind.

Serpent-headed Nehebka presided over funeral rites, Ibis-headed Throth is the god of the moon; and Jezebel, the territorial goddess that captures the hearts of men and turns them away from their faith to draw them to her Baal. Each person under the sea has a master demon. He is a supervisor. If I had a question, like, why are we killing?

So we started eating human flesh and human blood so that we could live. Some of the demons told me things that I could not understand until I was saved and delivered. He spent only thirty-three years here. The people crucified Him. He died and on the third day, He arose from the dead.

I asked the demon. We cannot repent, but you are a human being, created in the image of God. You still have chance. There was a Man who came into this world. He spent only thirty-three years. He was crucified, died, buried and on the third day, He was raised from the dead. We cannot mention the name. He replied a hundred times. I asked him if there was somebody more powerful than Guru? We called Satan, Guru. He is made of a gold-type substance and has one eye at the center of his forehead and marks on his head.

He stands about eight feet tall. He walks like he has springs on his feet. He is a netherworld giant demi-god, the spirit behind the money of the world. He rules in the lives of those dedicated to his name. He has his hands in every evil thing on the earth. He is very powerful and worshiped by those who want to rule the world. Then he talked about the statue of Zeus that has place in the entrance hall of the United Nations. He suddenly started laughing. He is the god of wars.

But on the spur of the moment, he had disappeared. The information that I am telling you that it is not a fairy tale, it is something that I have seen. The Bible says, the devils believe and tremble. They believe that many are under deception and unbelief. WOWWWW………since spirits cannot drown, what a perfect hangout for the Powers, principalities, darkness, and spiritual wickedness.

Many just miss it. Liberty, Well, I use the art as an emphasis to the research. But, I believe that the powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness are partly residing inside oceans, and underground. Awaiting the final days to be released onto mankind. This is the suffering spoken of in Revelations. GOD help us all! GOD have mercy too! This is so much deeper than we can fathom.

The sea is full of demonic activity. Invisible to the naked eye is the main reason denial remains. Only when GOD allows the horror to begin will people wake up to the reality of just how many supernatural entities there are above us. GOD reveals this thru people with visions and prophetic means, but most are naysayers and love to mock us that are given these gifts. I pray GOD will have mercy when all this comes to fruition. Fear is not of GOD. We must remain vigilant. Knowing we have a GOD of love is what we must remember no matter the scenario or sacrifice.

I applaud your confidence in GOD! Am taken as well pray that the lord will keep you, me, us in his marvelous work,be blessed in the Lord, i enjoyed the storie. GOD please help us to be ready for the rapture. There is a false perception of the Rapture. Oh Most Holy God, help Your people and open our eyes to the Truth…so that we may rightly divide the Word of God and conquer evil, to defend the faith and walk in righteousness..

Im only concious of what I can see,feel,touch,smell and hear other than that,its hard for me to make sense of this or to try to imagine it. Its like a movie full of SFX. The technology from which we utilize daily did not originate from mankind. They knew we would produce harmful derivatives from them! And mostly, we have. We are to rise above the darkness!! Now there are others coming. I know they are real because they speak to me only a few brief times.

They blow air on me that feels like a summer breeze. What is going on do you have any idea? You must denounce any of these rights. Please contact me if you remain afflicted. Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you to confess my sisn. I am a sinner, I believe that you are the Messiash, that you died for me at the Cross of Calvalry years and you were raised on the third day. Lord, I repent, off all of my sins. Please forgive, cleanse me, wash me with your precious blood of all of my sins. Make me new again, restore me. Write my Name in the Book of Life. I thank you that I am Born Again and Saved.

Today a 7 year old girl was talking in tv of these exact rxperiences. I doubt she was couched or telling lies. Desires to know much in order to wage a successful warfare. I believe this wholeheartedly.

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It very interesting and i believe many others will hear about it by the special grace of God. As christians we really need to pray and do the will of our Heavenly Father. I have demon in me…Get it when was on drugs…Its about 16 years now…and i did a lot of evil deeds and blasphemy regulary for a sexual pleasure…Yet somehow God decided forgive me imposiblle to understand that lewel of mercy …Its about half year than GOD let me find HIM.

And now I feeling how little by little demon influence over me gets weaker, yet he is stil here always.. So its very easy to me believe all this, im just happy my knowlege is increasing, next few days probably will spent reading this site…thanks a lot for sharing this rare precious knowledge… And pardon my english, just wanted to write this post dont know why…. It will show you how to cleanse your home and body! That is very fascinating! Some churches have been messing with womanchurch, goddess within talk and other devlish syncretic practices.

I think they are connected to a goddess of Greece Venus? Maybe the stories are similar, because they are the same demon. Does goddess worship fit into the agenda of the underwater demonic activity? I think God used those stories to endear the people of those lands, such as those of Mexico, to the true story of the true God-man not a demi-god, but a divine person of the triune godhead, with two natures: I wonder if those kids with black pools-looking eyes selling seashells could be the black-eyed children some have reported.

The flying like a rocket kids could explain some UFOs, though Satan may have informed governments on how to make the flying saucers people allegedly photograph. If these demons are in the water, I wonder how the world chastisement by fire occurs. Do they trigger the volcanos?

We may never know, but what is most important to know is not a what, but a who—Jesus, whose name and behavior in accordance with freaks out the hosts of and guests from Hell. Pope Francis is correct about battling external evils must be backed by the battle of evil within ourselves and Christian charity to slaves of evil. I doubt she saw the underwater city and, later, converted. Images of those who have claimed to be agents, to see their lost or angry expression, would be interesting.

It means that such a person cannot get married. If the Star Virgin forces marriage, such a person will die on the eve of the engagement or the eve of their marriage. And the man faces what you call Marine prosecution. The Virgin cannot lose her virginity, unless the star has been spiritually http: Happen in a church in Jacksonville. However, every child that will come out of the womb will be marked by the Marine spirits. They will mark them according to what they want to use them for. So there are a lot of children who are rebellious who smoke, who drink; it is a bad habit.

The Marine spirit has marked them, to use them. So, nothing happens by chance. You may think it is because your son is running with bad company. When they are marked, they will go astray. You must break the power of the Marine Spirit. We are not fighting against flesh and blood… When such a person gets engaged or in sexual experiences, things go very wrong for the person because the person gets marine persecution.

If the person is sealed by the Marine Spirit but not to virginity, the person is sealed on the out part he marks all the children for marine purposes. They will also be marked on the navel and other places according to what the demon wants to use them for. They lay hands to pray for people. They are distributors, just by touch.

Whatever that person touches is contaminated. Just by a touch the person can cause demonic possession. In America, most ministers are not even delivered. So how do you trust them with your life? Jeane Dixon was born with the "Star of David" and a half moon in her palms. When the gypsy saw http: This demon attacks in dreams of naked men and women. They dream they are having sex. The link of possession is in the loins of the girl agent. Anem… Spirits that swallows your prayers if you are backslidden.

Star is a symbol of authority over an area. There are territorial demons. A Star Marine demon is a very strong, very stubborn http: There are many demons that are under the rule of this demon. You will notice that certain areas do not see progress and suffers from such things as poverty stricken and that area is full of drugs, prostitution, murder and violence.

The Marine spirits bind the people to themselves and use them. Marine spirit called poverty and selfishness controls these areas and the spirit called Mammon. He has four marks. He binds the people to himself. When people live in this poverty stricken areas, the demon will blind their eyes and poverty will be their portion. Star Marine controls that area and it will never see development.

My African friends tell me that marine spirits are found in every 13 Star is a headquarter symbol that represents Satan. Star is the only symbol that on the throne of Satan. Mammon is shown in the New Testament of the Bible, is material wealth or greed, most often personified as a deity, and sometimes included in the seven princes of Hell. Mammon may have also been a reference to Caesar whose tax coin claimed Caesar was a god, forcing Jews to break the first and second commandments to have no other gods, nor to have their engraved images, or idols every time they paid taxes or tribute to Caesar.

Mammon may have also been a http: Jesus was discussing two masters and the only other master besides God was Caesar. During the Middle Ages, Mammon was commonly personified as the demon of gluttony, richness, and injustice. Thus Peter Lombard II, dist. Nicholas de Lyra commenting on the passage in Luke says: It has only three stars.

Star has seven stars; it is higher and more powerful than Amok. People give their souls and sacrifice to this demon. People consider it a very powerful demon; it only has three stars. As a result of the belief, those in Indonesian culture tolerated amok and dealt with the after effects with no ill will towards the assailant. Beramok is considered to be the more common of the two and is associated with the depression and sadness resulting from a loss and the subsequent brooding process.

Loss includes, but is not limited to, the death of a spouse or loved one, divorce, loss of a job, money, power, etc. Beramok is associated with mental issues of severe depression or other mood disorders. Amok, the rarer form is believed to stem from rage, insult, or a vendetta against a person, society, or object for a wide variety of reasons. Amok has been more closely associated with psychosis, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and delusions.

Lilith, the demon queen When we talk about stars in the spirit, it means that you are dealing with Principalities. Stars are referred only to Principalities. They are so powerful and so high that politicians go there under the sea for so many things. Victims of the higher demons have stars on their forehead. You become a victim of a Star Marine; you want spiritual power! You want money; influence; success and protection. The star on their foreheads makes them glamorous in the eyes.

It makes them bold, seductive and clairvoyant. It makes them able to speak with authority and effectiveness. So politicians and celebrities seek for these attributes for their success. If you go to them for help, they can make you clever and you can even say something that is true. They are working diligently to bring the entire world into spiritual captivity. They are truly soul snatchers spending their whole lives seeking political and spiritual power over gold and silver and enslaving human souls.

Oh yes, they want to take billion from the health care of the poor old people to give http: God is watching and prophesied many times in the Word concerning their destruction. It means he is under a spell. This is very common in Africa and they believe in polygamy. If you are not a Christian, you can marry three of four women. The woman will go to the witchdoctor and the man will marry her that day. In Africa, they call it African computer. When the witchdoctor ties his heart, he will do whatever you say, like a zombie or dummies.

People who have stars are highly recognized in the Marine world. If a person has four stars, they are highly recognized. Some wear it on their dresses and if you hug them, you are finished. You will lose your job; financially things will go bad. A wizard can put it on your dress and if they hug fifty people, they will take all their blessings. Marine has been grouped into different categories. The grandmother of all Marine Spirits is called Manatee. It is also believed that there is sexuality between the conjugal pair, by way of dreams.

Baule mythology dictates that every adult, male or female, has such a spouse, manifested through dreams. This dream partner is always described as very beautiful". For example, a Yoruba traditionalist might look at a conjugal visit from a dream-based lover in much the same way as the aforementioned Ewe and Baule do, whereas a Muslim or Christian tribesman in the same situation would most likely look at it as a grave misfortune and seek the mystic aid of a spiritual counsellor to rectify what he would see as a probably dangerous connection to an otherworldly demon.

He is known as the "angel of the bottomless pit". Sheol the place of the dead and Abaddon the place of destruction are never satisfied; so [the lust of] the eyes of man is never satisfied. His appetite is large like that of Sheol and [his greed] is like death and cannot be satisfied; he gathers to himself all nations and collects all people as if he owned them. Beelzebub is found in the Bible "And the scribes who came down from Jerusalem said, He is possessed by Beelzebub, and by [the help of] the prince of demons He is casting out demons," Mk.

Every tribal mark that is given to a person has a meaning in the spiritual realms. The person that has a tribal mark on their face may not be able to read. However, in the demonic realms it has a language and the demons are able to read it. A fetish priest, medicine woman or a satanic prophet will do the marks for the parents.

Tribal marks carries a language that can easily be read by those in the occultic realms to do you harm. Solomon captures Amadeus rather easily http: He is sometimes referred to as "the genius of matrimonial discord and jealousy. He says, "If you will serve me, you will never want for anything. I will take care of all your needs and you will never need a husband. On the one hand he is jealous, filled with rage, lustful and given to extreme excesses. On the other, he loves to have a good time, is sympathetic and is very religious. Early church history points him out as the one that desired to possess young women in Christian service, to make them lustful and to destroy them and their work.

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The first time she was to be married her husband died on their wedding night. Seven times in all she got married and in each case her husband died on their wedding night. The reason was that Asmodeus wanted this woman all to himself. In his last years he missed the mark, allowing himself to open up to wrong spirits. That example alone should prove that none of us are above falling or missing it, even after years of Christian service or ministry.

The Scripture tells us that the "devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Asmodeus and Osmodeus are also mythical spirits with characteristic such as overpowering tendencies to rage, impetuousness, lust, impurity and psychic. Sexual spirits or demons thought in medieval times to lie on sleeping persons, especially women, with whom it sought sexual intercourse. Demonic sexual attacks on females; possibly caused by sexual sins, witchcraft spells, curses of lust, inherited curses, also can attack children.

This phenomenon is not new, and is the basis for medieval legends about male and female demons incubus and succubus respectively , who sexually attack people at night in their sleep. In centuries past, a woman claiming to have had sexual relations with an unseen spirit would likely have been accused of witchcraft.

Indeed, the notorious witch-hunting text "Malleus Maleficarum" contains a section titled, "Here follows the Way whereby Witches copulate with these Devils known as Incubi," in which the authors explain that sex with the unknown is inherently evil and a clear sign of congress with Satan.

Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1) Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1)
Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1) Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1)
Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1) Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1)
Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1) Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1)
Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1) Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1)
Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1) Marine Spirits and Mystifying Sea Beings: Marine Demons (Deliverance Book 1)

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