Wilde Liebe (German Edition)

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I don't tolerate any criticism on this holy country, that is our home, South Tyrol, you aren't lost yet, in hell your enemies shall burn. Sprache, Brauchtum und Glaube sind Werte der Heimat, ohne sie gehen wir unter, stirbt unser kleines Volk" [4] "When are you going to stop to hate your home country? If you are ashamed of it, you can leave it, Language, tradition and belief are values of the home country, without them we will perish, our small nation will die.

The band often defends this lines by pointing out to the history of the German population in South Tyrol , explaining that the lines must be understood in the context of italianization. Wild were excluded from the awards in order to avoid that the event would be overshadowed by a political debate. An ethical review committee, which had been created by the Echo's organizers in response to the public criticism to Frei.

Wild's nomination in , approved the band. Media related to Frei. Wild at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Bei meiner Liebe - German CREEPYPASTA (Grusel, Horror, Hörbuch) DEUTSCH

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Wilde Liebe (German Edition) Wilde Liebe (German Edition)
Wilde Liebe (German Edition) Wilde Liebe (German Edition)
Wilde Liebe (German Edition) Wilde Liebe (German Edition)
Wilde Liebe (German Edition) Wilde Liebe (German Edition)
Wilde Liebe (German Edition) Wilde Liebe (German Edition)
Wilde Liebe (German Edition) Wilde Liebe (German Edition)
Wilde Liebe (German Edition) Wilde Liebe (German Edition)

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