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Whoops. Looks like you're lost there, sailor.

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No wonder many fans consider it the perfect starting point for the show. For a while, it looked as if Series 10 would follow that path. Opening episode The Pilot felt like a brand new chapter. But within a few weeks it was business as usual: Ice Warriors, old characters going through change, and references to David Tennant stories.

Things seem to be changing — but are they changing enough? Is it time the older fans learned to accept that Doctor Who is no longer for us, and that the only way to keep it fresh is to completely and radically re-invent it? Take the subversion of classic lines of dialogue, for example. Davies took the radical step of killing off the Time Lords in — at least for a while — and we need something similarly bold. Why not maroon the Doctor on Earth permanently? Heidi tells Evan that she saw the video of his speech on Facebook and asks him why he did not tell her about The Connor Project or about his friendship with Connor.

He angrily responds that he did not have the time because she is never around. Overcome with emotion, he then rushes off to the Murphys', telling her that he is going to Jared's.

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At the Murphys', Evan bonds with Larry Murphy and confides in him about his childhood. Larry offers him an old baseball glove of Connor's that was never used "To Break in a Glove". Sometime later, at Evan's house, Evan makes an offhand comment to Zoe about how he and his mother do not have much money and he needs scholarships to pay for college. When he begins to mention Connor, Zoe tells him that she does not want their relationship to be about Connor, but about the two of them "Only Us".

Evan gets into a fight with Jared, who claims that Connor's death was the best thing that ever happened to Evan — he is no longer invisible and has landed the girl of his dreams. Later, Evan goes to the Murphys', only to discover they invited Heidi over for dinner. She is mortified to learn they want to give Evan Connor's college fund. At home, Heidi and Evan fight over his secrecy and deception.

Evan confesses he feels welcomed and accepted into the Murphy family in lieu of Heidi's absence, while Alana begins to find inconsistencies in the fake emails.

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Evan then asks Jared to help fix the inaccuracies, but he refuses and threatens to expose Evan, who counters that he could expose Jared's role. Heidi, Alana, and Jared converge in Evan's conscience, compounding his guilt and doubt over his decisions "Good for You". Evan decides he has to come clean with what he has done.

Dear Chris Demakes, I'm Also Never Going Back to New Jersey 7

Imaginary Connor attempts to talk him out of it, citing the happiness he has given the Murphys and the fate of Evan's relationship with Zoe, but Evan does not back down, angrily shouting that he needs the whole thing to be over. Connor is unconvinced and asks Evan how he broke his arm: Evan denies suicidal intent, but Connor tells him that if he tells the truth, all he has will be gone, and the only thing he will be left with is himself. He disappears, leaving Evan alone. Evan goes to apologize to Alana, but she says she has given up on Evan helping her with The Connor Project as she doubts the truth of Evan's repeated statements that he was Connor's best friend.

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Desperate, Evan says he has proof that they were friends. He shows her the letter to himself that he wrote when he was giving up on having a good year, claiming it to be Connor's suicide note. Realizing that the letter is the key to fulfilling the fundraising goal, Alana posts it online where, to Evan's chagrin, it goes viral. As a result, many people begin to believe Connor's suicide was because of his uncaring, wealthy parents.

Evan is distraught and goes to see the Murphys, who have become the targets of hateful comments from people who believe they were responsible for Connor's death. He walks in on the three of them fighting about why Connor really killed himself and finally admits that he fabricated the entire thing, hopeful that he could forge a genuine bond with the Murphys out of the tragedy.

As Zoe and her mother tearfully run out, Larry turns away from Evan in disgust.

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Alone once more, Evan absorbs his perceived brokenness as inescapable "Words Fail". Evan finds Heidi waiting for him at home. She saw the letter online and immediately knew that it was one of Evan's therapy assignments. She apologizes to Evan for not seeing how badly he had been hurting, though Evan denies her guilt due to his deception. He then vaguely admits that his fall was a suicide attempt. Heidi sits him down and recalls the day that his father moved out and how she felt so small and alone and did not know how she was going to make it by herself.

In the end, however, she realized that she was not alone — she had Evan and knew that the two of them could make it through anything so long as they were together. A year later, Evan is still living at home and working at Pottery Barn to earn enough money to go to college the next semester. He contacts Zoe, whom he has not seen since the day she found out the truth, and asks if she will agree to meet him.

She does, but insists that they meet at the orchard that has been reopened in Connor's memory. He apologizes for the pain he caused her family and admits that he has been reading Connor's ten favorite books after finding a list in an old yearbook in an attempt to connect with who he really was. He also thanks her and her parents for keeping his secret and reveals that they never told anyone else that his friendship with Connor was a lie.

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She forgives him, saying the whole ordeal brought her family closer together over the past year because "everyone needed it for something. Evan mentally writes himself one last letter reflecting on the impact he has had on his community and finally accepts himself "Finale". An original Broadway cast album was released at midnight on February 3, The second song on the album, "Waving Through A Window", was released as a special early download for those who had pre-ordered the album. The cast featured Ben Platt in the title role. New cast members were John Dossett and Kristolyn Lloyd.

Michael Greif again directed, with choreography by Danny Mefford. The show premiered on Broadway on November 14, , in previews, and officially opened on December 4. Michael Park, who originated the role of Larry in the Arena Stage production, returned for the Broadway production replacing John Dossett who went on to the musical War Paint. All other cast members from the Second Stage production returned for the Broadway engagement.

Noah Galvin replaced Platt on November 21, and played until February Tour was announced, starring Ben Levi Ross in the title role. The show will play its first international performance in Toronto. The production is slated to begin performances in March Purchasable with gift card.

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