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Birth & Death Cycle

I became immediately hooked on the world that they created and all of the characters have great personality which made me want to continue the series. The only negative I had concerning the book was that in the latter portions the plot tends to stumble into this weird drama and seems to run off the rails a bit. Overall, this stumbling of the plot didn't really bother me too much and this largely doesn't exist in the next two books. This was the first novel by the authors that I have read and I left the book impressed.

One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I first started reading this series long ago, when I was only years of age. I always wanted to finish it, but I never could remember the name of the series. I found out the name of the series through relating certain aspects of the books to a blog site on the internet such as; Alfred one of the main characters , the first world, describing the air world, Arianus, and other facts that stood out in this series.

I tell ya, I'm just as excited, starting this now 34 years old now , as I was then. Great job, to the authors I first read this series years and years ago. At the time, I had to hunt down the individual books in second hand book stores across Ireland and the UK. At the time, the series made a major impact on me, I was lost in Haplo and Alfred and their journey. I'm happy to report after reading the whole series through again on Kindle my recommendation still stands.

This is one of the best series of all time. Do yourself a favour and read it! Weis and Hickman have a defined style that is all their own. The perfect blend of gravity with funny, great characters, incredible worlds, fantastic magic, and just general page turning amazingness.

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The best part is you will fall in love with the characters, and you will desperately miss them when they are gone. In regards to Dragon Wing in particular, it is a great start to the series. Although you start in a narrow storyline in relation to all the storylines that occur throughout the series, it is the fundamental lynch pin of the story. I love book 1 Haplo: Don't want to give away any spoilers, but the journey and growth of the two main characters throughout this series is one of the most convincing and enjoyable I have ever read.

I highly recommend this book to anyone considering. Even if this isn't normally what you think your 'thing' is, I honestly believe the Death Gate cycle is one of those transcendent series that rises above genres. It's really about the human story. Overall I enjoyed this book for what it was: A short, breezy, uncomplicated fantasy story. But, and this might be the biggest criticism of all, as I reflect back on the story I find very little to actually say about it. What, really, was the plot? The setup is simple enough: A reluctant assassin is hired to kill a boy, but that really is just the basic setup.

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Birth Death Cycle - The God Principle

There are simple minded, subjugated dwarves here obnoxiously called Gegs , slapstick servants, a late game protagonist whose motives are mysterious to the point of being indecipherable, and in case we forgot we were reading a traditional fantasy story some elves show up to the party. Darkwave synth that directly addresses our modern dystopian political environment, with proceeds going to the Voting Rights Project.

Mining the space between darkwave and dream pop, We Are Temp. Looking forward to the next one!! Kerry Medeiros KDC just keeps getting better and better with each album that comes out. I've listened to this album on repeat I don't know how many times already and I'm still in love with it. Purchasable with gift card. Prey to God I Have No Time I Am God The Ravens Fly He was not the first to escape, however. The books later reveal that Zifnab, a Sartan who had been cast into the Labyrinth for challenging the Sundering, apparently reached the Nexus well before him. There, Lord Xar discovered a wealth of books written by Zifnab in the Sartan language that detailed events preceding and following the Sundering.

From these, he devised a way to partially open Death's Gate and send through an emissary. Haplo , Lord Xar's favored servant, becomes this emissary; his two missions are to learn what has happened to the Sartan, and to subtly generate chaos among the mensch so that Lord Xar can come and "save" them. It is Xar's intention to rule all the four worlds, and Haplo is his willing servant. Drawing on these inspirations, Weis and Hickman set up the Patryns and Sartan as opposing pairs in many respects including the magical, and they portrayed the "mensch" races as having lesser or no magical abilities.

The highest level of magic takes the form of this Patryn and Sartan "rune magic," which alters reality based on possibility and whose operation is influenced by the aforementioned theories. The elves and humans use "physical" and "spiritual" magic of less potency, that operates directly on the world around it. Patryns are represented as having the same height and build as humans, but the current generations of the series are all in excellent physical shape due to the hardships of the Labyrinth.

They are born with brown hair that turns white from the tips up. They are all possessed of excellent magical ability to varying degrees, also a necessity for their survival. All Patryns are capable of using rune magic, which manipulates the Wave of possibilities, allowing Patryns to view a myriad of possible outcomes and select one to occur.

The more unlikely the possibility, however, the more difficult to conjure. Patryn use of runes is portrayed as less elegant than Sartan, as it relies more on physical representations such as their tattoos, the use of voice, and drawing the runes in air or on a surface. Patryn runes complement Sartan runes, and can sometimes be used to accomplish the same tasks. Patryns also tend to be loners, but are intensely passionate due to the hardships of the Labyrinth.

They will aid one another without question, but generally put their own survival above that of others. Patryns who form groups tend to follow a single ruler, such as the Headman of tribes in the Labyrinth and Xar of the liberated Patryns.

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Sartan are also of the same height and build as humans, but unlike the Patryns, they have not been hardened by generations of violent life. Also unlike the Patryns they are born with white hair that turns brown from the tips up. All Sartan are capable of using rune magic.

The Sartan use of runes is portrayed as more elegant than the Patryn, involving singing and dancing in prescribed tones and movements to affect the Wave.

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In some instances, Sartan inscribe runes, mainly to permanently enchant an object or location, such as when creating barred gateways or magical weapons that can then be used by mensch. Sartan runes complement Patryn runes, and can be used to accomplish the same tasks. Sartan tend to act as a community, making decisions as a group rather than as individuals, and they generally have a ruling Council.

The Sartan on Abarrach, however, were more fractured due to their hardships. They are presented in contrast to other Sartan as having less magical talent, using much of their strength to survive. The humans of the series are standard Homo sapiens and are not presented as distinct parallels to existing modern-day nationalities. Humans are of standard height and physical prowess, and a small subset possess magical capability.

Human magic is considered part of the Spiritual Masteries, tending towards "the emotional and mental manipulation of the world about the magician. While some magicians can mentally construct their magic rather than speaking it, most need to use physical gestures and in some instances physical objects or incantations to perform their magic. The spiritual nature of human magic also ties in with the theme of balance present throughout the series. Humans, especially when compared to elves, are "lacking" in their connection to the natural world and spirituality and their magical skills serve to balance this deficit.

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Elves are generally taller and more slender than humans and have a greatly extended lifespan. Their longer lives tend to breed a lack of urgency in their outlook, sometimes problematic in dealings with the comparatively impatient humans. Elven magic is considered part of the Physical Masteries, which "tend to use and make use of physical objects in the world about the wizard.

As with human magic, elven magic is used to balance the elven deficiencies in mechanical, physical, and technical fields. They can also weave magical messages into songs. Elves must both speak and gesture to cast their magic, and the magic contained in songs can be triggered by anyone capable of singing it since the magic is not dependent on a wizard, thus making it possible for humans to trigger elven magic in this form.

In Dragon Wing , this explains how humans have been able to use songs to trigger a nostalgia so intense that the elves of Arianus have formed an open rebellion against their ruler. In contrast, the Kenkari, an isolated group of powerful elven magi on Arianus, also employ a very specialised form of magic based on the spirit which allows them to communicate with the souls of others, living or dead and on one occasion have been shown to change their forms into their order's symbol; the butterfly, which is a glaring exception to the mechanical focus.

However, this can possibly be explained by their use of song in these communications, as well as their use of a special box to transport souls and a cathedral designed to contain the captured souls. Dwarves are short and stocky compared to the other races, such that humans and elves would have to go down on one knee to converse with a dwarf eye-to-eye. In fact, doing so is considered a mark of respect towards a dwarf.

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As is typical in portrayals of dwarves , they prefer to live in dark, underground areas, and they also possess an innate sense of direction superior to that of humans or elves. Dwarves have no magical abilities of their own, although certain dwarves of Pryan make very rudimentary use of Sartan magic through triggering its representations in songs and runes carved onto amulets. On Arianus, they are known as "Gegs". Zifnab makes a few references to Fizban during the series when he's asked for his name he said "Fiz The character type appears again in a similar capacity in the Starshield novels, where the parallel character is known as Zanfib.

Are Zifnab and Fizban the same person? The simplest and legal answer, in Hickman's own words, is always: Incidentally, neither Fizban nor Zifnab have any relationship whatsoever to Zanfib—a crazed wizard from our Starshield series. I hope I have cleared this up once and for all. Zifnab is not a god So why does Zifnab seem, at times, to act just like Fizban? How can he remember Tanis and Raistlin, and why does he nearly call himself Fizban?

Death Cycle Death Cycle
Death Cycle Death Cycle
Death Cycle Death Cycle
Death Cycle Death Cycle
Death Cycle Death Cycle
Death Cycle Death Cycle
Death Cycle Death Cycle
Death Cycle Death Cycle
Death Cycle Death Cycle

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