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I remembered staring at my untied shoes under the covered picnic table the day I got a time out because someone was talking to me in the recess line. I heard the cheers coming from our made-up band on the grassy area behind the building. It seemed so foreign, yet so familiar. The last time I was here, I was 16 and made it to the parking lot.

My childhood playground - Rodgers Beach

But on this warm, spring night, with a snow cone in hand and a golden sun setting in the distance, something felt right. The first thing I noticed was how small everything seemed. Back then, I swear the field was a mile long, and the playground was eight feet above my head. But yesterday, the field was merely a little square of grass, and I towered over the purple, above-ground tunnel in the playground.

The gravel crunched under my feet as I slowly made my way toward the monkey bars that sent me to hospital when I was seven. My teachers were so scared that I had a concussion because I hit the back of my head pretty hard against the wooden platform.

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I placed my foot on the same unsteady step that I had traveled upon 18 years prior. I had to duck to go onto certain areas, and the wooden planks of the playground creaked under my worn sandals. I let the warm breeze brush against my skin, and I breathed in my surroundings.

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When I attended school there, I had many dreams of my future. This was the age of Britney Spears, Lisa Frank, and scrunchies. I made it a personal mission to become Britney-famous by I received my first real journal at the age of seven and wrote in it daily. I wanted to be a teacher, a veterinarian, a lawyer, and a singer. I wanted to be a cheerleader with a football-playing boyfriend.

I wanted a little apartment in Manhattan where I had my own fashion line and a little teacup Maltese named Bella. Many extracurricular clubs, classes and activities can reinforce key skills.

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    My Childhood Playground My Childhood Playground
    My Childhood Playground My Childhood Playground
    My Childhood Playground My Childhood Playground
    My Childhood Playground My Childhood Playground
    My Childhood Playground My Childhood Playground
    My Childhood Playground My Childhood Playground
    My Childhood Playground My Childhood Playground
    My Childhood Playground My Childhood Playground

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