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Mastering Integration and Customization. Written in direct and fast-paced kind, this publication is filled with examples and how to assist you make your migration to Google Apps easier and faster.

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After migration, this e-book can help you wake up and working together with your new site. This ebook is for an individual who needs to take advantage of and customise Google Apps of their workplace setting. This complete publication instructs IT managers to stick to federally mandated compliance specifications. The evolution of Certification and Accreditation is mentioned. When this is done, you can 43 44 then manage the distribution list membership.

Editing GroupWise system distribution lists from the address book. You don't need to configure anything for this to work. Novell has made speed enhancements to the way the client applies updates and works with the cache or remote databases. All-Day Events When creating an appointment, you can easily flag it as an all-day event through the Actions menu or by checking the All Day Event option.

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All-day events are shown across the top of the appointment view window. Creating an all-day appointment. Quick Filter The quick filter is a great addition to GroupWise 7. GroupWise customized Home view. Edit Corporate Distribution Lists Have you ever noticed that a system distribution list may not be accurate or needs to be updated? One version was designed to run on the Intel processor and another on the Motorola processor which was called NetWare 68 aka S-Net ; it ran on the Motorola processor on a proprietary Novell-built file server Novell could not write an original network operating system from scratch so they licensed a Unix kernel and based NetWare on that [5] and used a star network topology.

This was soon joined by NetWare 86 V4. This was replaced in with Advanced NetWare 86 version 1. Advanced NetWare version 2. This became the key to Novell's performance while also allowing larger networks to be built. In a significant innovation, NetWare was also hardware-independent, unlike competing network server systems. The operating system was provided as a set of compiled object modules that required configuration and linking. Any change to the operating system required a re-linking of the kernel. The file system used by NetWare 2. Since bit protected mode was implemented the i and every subsequent Intel x86 processor, NetWare version 2.

For single files, this required only a file attribute to be set. However, a "non-dedicated" version was also available for price-conscious customers. In this, DOS 3. Time slicing was accomplished using the keyboard interrupt , which required strict compliance with the IBM PC design model, otherwise performance was affected. Server licensing on early versions of NetWare was accomplished by using a key card. The serial number had to match the serial number of the NetWare software running on the server.

It began with v3. NLMs could also add functionality such as anti-virus software, backup software, database and web servers. Support for long filenames was also provided by an NLM. A new file system was introduced by NetWare 3. Volume segments could be added while the server was in use and the volume was mounted, allowing a server to be expanded without interruption.

In NetWare 3. This provided the best possible performance, it sacrificed reliability because there was no memory protection, and furthermore NetWare 3. Portable NetWare did not sell well. The two machines could be separated as far as the server-to-server link would permit. In case of a server or disk failure, the surviving server could take over client sessions transparently after a short pause since it had full state information. With NetWare 3 an improved routing protocol, NetWare Link Services Protocol , has been introduced which scales better than Routing Information Protocol and allows building large networks.

Additionally, NDS provided an extensible schema , allowing the introduction of new object types. This allowed a single user authentication to NDS to govern access to any server in the directory tree structure. Users could therefore access network resources no matter on which server they resided, although user license counts were still tied to individual servers. Large enterprises could opt for a license model giving them essentially unlimited per-server users if they let Novell audit their total user count.

It allowed network sharing of multiple serial devices, such as modems. Client port redirection occurred via an DOS or Windows driver allowing companies to consolidate modems and analog phone lines. The upgrade was not without its flaws — initially NetWare 4 could not coexist with earlier versions on the same network because of incompatibilities.

It was basically NetWare 4. It was compatible with third party client and server utilities and NetWare Loadable Modules [1]. Novell's strategy with NetWare 2.

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While the design of NetWare 3. Novell could have eliminated this technical liability by retaining the design of NetWare , which installed the server file into a Novell partition and allowed the server to boot from the Novell partition without creating a bootable DOS partition. Novell finally added support for this in a Support Pack for NetWare 6.

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A decision by the management of Novell also took away the ability of independent resellers and engineers to recommend and sell the product. The reduction of their effective sales force created this downward spiral in sales. Novell priced NetWare 4. Later Novell released NetWare version 4.

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Novell packaged NetWare 4. The intranetWare name was dropped in NetWare 5. During this time Novell also began to leverage its directory service, NDS, by tying their other products into the directory. It also began integrating Internet technologies and support through features such as a natively hosted web server.

Novell released NetWare 5 during a time when NetWare's market share had started dropping precipitously; many companies and organizations replaced their NetWare servers with servers running Microsoft 's Windows NT operating system. Around this time Novell also released their last upgrade to the NetWare 4 operating system, NetWare 4. NetWare 6 was released in October , shortly after its predecessor. This version has a simplified licensing scheme based on users, not server connections. This allows unlimited connections per user to any number of NetWare servers in the network.

In , Novell announced the successor product to NetWare: First released in March , OES completes the separation of the services traditionally associated with NetWare such as Directory Services, and file-and-print from the platform underlying the delivery of those services. Clustered OES implementations can even migrate services from Linux to NetWare and back again, making Novell one of the very few vendors to offer a multi-platform clustering solution. Marketing was focused on getting faithful NetWare users to move to the Linux platform for future releases.

Novell later watered down this decision and stated that NetWare's 90 million users would be supported until at least OES 2 was released on October 8, It includes NetWare 6. As of [update] some organizations still used Novell NetWare, but it had started to lose popularity from the mids, when NetWare was the de facto standard for file- and printer-sharing software for the Intel x86 server platform.

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Microsoft successfully took market share from NetWare products from the lates. Novell did not adapt their pricing structure to current market conditions, and NetWare sales suffered, [27]. NetWare Lite and Personal NetWare were a series of peer-to-peer networks developed by Novell for DOS - and Windows -based computers aimed at personal users and small businesses between and NetWare dominated the network operating system NOS market from the mids through the mid- to lates due to its extremely high performance relative to other NOS technologies.

Most benchmarks during this period demonstrated a 5: One noteworthy benchmark pitted NetWare 3.

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When first developed, nearly all LAN storage was based on the disk server model. This meant that if a client computer wanted to read a particular block from a particular file it would have to issue the following requests across the relatively slow LAN:. NetWare, since it was based on a file service model, interacted with the client at the file API level:.

Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press) Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press)
Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press) Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press)
Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press) Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press)
Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press) Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press)
Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press) Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook (Novell Press)

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