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1474, 15 février. – Avignon (Compagnie dei Bardi?)

Sit nomen Domini benedictum. Ex hoc nunc et usque in seculum. Exorcizo te creatura salis per Deum. Salmon en son livre de sapience ou premier chappitre dit: Et contient deux parties: In mei notarii etc. Confessi fuerunt et publice recognoverunt se habuisse et realiter recepisse a dicto domino Uticense et per manus Iheronimi de Dignossio summam videlicet florinorum viginti monete Avinioni currentis in parpalholis argenti, prout illos habuerunt et realiter receperunt continua numeratione interveniente, et hoc in diminucionem operarum sive facturarum manuum suarum ad causam hospicii quod dictus dominus Uticensis episcopus edificari facit.

De quibus fuerunt contenti. Actum in banca Anthonii de Bardis mercatoris Avinionensis, presentibus domino Johanne de Aula, presbitero, priore beate Marie de Principali , civitatis Arelatensis , et Marobotino de Provincia, mercatore, habitante Tarasconis testibus etc. Et me Francisco Morini notarii etc. Arrendamentum sigilli et emolumentorum scripturarum curie archidiaconatus Uticensis factum discreto viro magristro Johanni Albi notario civitatis Uticensis. It contains short, one-line jokes covering a broad variety of topics, and is ideal for many different occasions.

If you are simply searching for a few funny jokes to share with friends, or if you are a professional speaker or entertainer, you are bound to find some new material within this treasure trove of modern one-liners. Try telling that to a speed camera! Do not touch, must be the scariest thing to read in Braille!

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. I have a fear of German sausages! Yes, I fear the wurst! I invented a new word! My recliner and I - we go way back! The dreams stuff is made of! The zoo is a pretty safe place to fart. You know what really floats my boat? You will get more laughs than a comedian, yet it is a semi-serious, dignified presentation! Telepathy in Action is different. Based on a principle not yet applied in the entertainment field, until NOW! No magical skills or principles involved.

Only one real requirement for the performer: The act is best presented by an older person. Tired of doing tricks? Bored of drawing duplications that only involve one person while the rest of the group merely watches? Do you want a dynamic framework that involves everyone? Do you want methods that rank amateurs wouldn't dream of doing?

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Do you want a killer performance piece for your next party? Welcome to Intelligent Design. It is a presentational framework you can mold to your personality and to individual performing needs. It gives you room to participate with your audience and brings them into the action dynamically with often surprising results. Here's an amazing transformation - so visual that your audience won't believe what they're seeing! Place an item in the cellophane of a card box - make a magic motion, and the item has changed into something else.

Many variations of visual changes are possible with this gimmick. In this video, you will learn 8 card tricks and sleights from Kelvin Trinh. All you need is a normal deck of cards. Karllos Della Re is one of the greatest mentalists working today in Brazil. Based on the old 'Fred' card trick, Wolfgang launched his magician-fooling version, Fred Outdone , in It caused a sensation amongst magicians, as it added a unique twist -- the whole deck could be shown as a red-back deck, except for the Fred card.

It's as simple as any spectator naming any card, e. The entire deck is shown to be red backs with different names on the back of each card. Even another seven can be shown to have a red back and a different name. An incredible card routine for any serious professional. NO rough or smooth principle is used. He's one of the most decorated magic performers in the world.

He now holds the title of the ""U. Even at his young age, he is one of the only magicians to have his photo on permanent display at The Magic Circle, the magic equivalent to a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame! Now he's here to teach you some of the strongest material from his world-renowned repertoire. Come, pull up a chair and learn from one of the most prolific modern magicians around, as we welcome Steve Dela to lecture At the Table! Imaginez un effet se rapprochant de celui du vase hindou mais avec une bouteille de vin… transparente!

It has 23 information-packed pages, in large format A4 , and is photo illustrated. It contains the name of a paperback book available to the general public that works perfectly as a prop for this style of presentation.

It also reveals the name of a very special book. Although it is sold to the general public, it actually has nine built-in ""Force Pages"" spread throughout different sections. These enable you to perform several different styles and versions of an extremely powerful ""Book Test. You will also get ideas for almost three dozen different feature routines that can be built around the contents of the above-mentioned book.

Bizarre and spooky magic is all the rage these days! Find out why with this classic of the genre. A Lightning Rod to the Spirits contains four exciting routines -- ones that are proud to have their feet planted very firmly in the world of Spooky and Bizarre Magick! Utilizing the most common and simple props a thumb tip, for example, and a Magic Coloring Book - not to mention a frying pan! There are no half measures here - these routines are designed to actually spook an audience!

The routines feature common, everyday items such as a watch, a sachet of salt, a child's coloring book and yes, a frying pan. Because, when the mundane and the ordinary become infected with supernatural forces, an audience is likely to become genuinely affected by your performance. The routines included are: Time to call in the local vicar! If spooky magic and the bizarre is your style, or if you're wanting to add a little freakiness into your magic, you will find much here to interest and excite. All magical elements are practically self-working, allowing the performer to concentrate on presentation and atmosphere.

And all ready to perform with the minimum of practice. What more could you ask? These are intimate conversations with top professionals from the secretive world of magic. Each interview is an unscripted journey of personal stories, unique insights, and valuable advice in creating magical experiences for your audiences.

There is much to learn when mining the gems from these true professionals of our art - you will be thrilled reading this eBook! Toute la magie se passe dans la main du spectateur Une bourse en velours. Bref un must pour qui veut se lancer dans le ballon. Le fait qu'ils se ressemblent n'est qu'une simple coincidence. Do you dare to try it?

A thought of card A thought of number So many times, there is no clear effect when performing the classic ""Any Card at Any Number"" coincidence, prediction? If you know Pablo Amira's work, you know that he takes simple ideas and constructs a coherent choreography of moves so the effect is the desired one but without unneeded complications.

Both cards are numbered and are never said out loud THE participant itself can do the counting! NO gimmicks Simple and easy to do Any shuffled deck in use even an incomplete one Instant reset Multiple variations are taught ""I've never really been interested in ACAAN, mostly because I thought it sounded like a magic trick. The routine is choreographed to emphasize this and the language used in the script subtly reinforces the idea. The presentation is very good and with some modification I'm sure can fit everyone style.

It's exactly what it says to be and sooo much fun to do! I was familiar with some of the elements that Pablo interweaved very artistically and am astonished by the outcome! The spectator selects a card. The magician makes a mark on the corner of the card. The spectator puts the small piece into the magician's mouth. Easy to do Quick reset Fully examinable Perform with any deck of cards Download this video and perform this miracle today! Being a mentalist and a magician who spent a large portion of his formative years believing in the esoteric and the paranormal, Paul Voodini has always carried with him elements from that world.

These elements have often seeped and in some cases crashed into Paul's mentalism work. As an individual, Paul cannot disentangle himself from the esoteric, but also cannot unlearn all that mentalism has taught him. Therefore, both camps must and do sit happily within him, augmenting each other, in a spirit of mutual benefit. This, then, is Affinity: The 3rd Way - a technique for providing readings that encompasses the positive elements from both the esoteric and the mental while sifting out the negatives that both camps also possess.

The page Affinity PDF goes beyond cold reading and beyond the purely esoteric. It is a technique that has been crafted after decades of real-world work at venues as varied as psychic fairs, wedding receptions, and magic shows! Affinity builds upon Paul's previous work, from Reader of Minds to the Cathy Shadows output, but it is a stand-alone piece. Prior knowledge of Paul's earlier work is by no means essential. Likewise, Affinity is all inclusive and is aimed both at the beginner and the experienced reader.

Ever since its release, Dark Arts by Matt Mello has become a favorite amongst Magicians and Mentalists all over the world. For the first time, a single examinable envelope is used that can be clearly shown both on the outside and the inside. The audience can look closely and see it is a single opaque envelope with no holes. Anything placed inside will be completely hidden from view! Even under these conditions, any information written on a business card by the spectator and placed inside the envelope sight unseen is completely visible to the performer!

Use this secret information in any way you wish to show the ability of reading minds with razor sharp accuracy. In addition, after you reveal this hidden information, you can hand everything back to the spectator to keep! They can take the envelope and the business cards to keep as a souvenir of this incredible demonstration of mind reading! You are about to get the power of X-Ray Vision! This is After Dark. You also receive a PDF download with 4 templates that you can print out at home to make the envelopes yourself.

Simply print, glue and perform. All of the templates include the custom graphics as shown in the demo video. One of the templates is left blank so that you can customize it in any way you wish to match your own performing style and routines. All of this and more in one incredible download! Reviews from customers who have purchased After Dark ""This is a very clever advancement of the Dark Arts principal! This is a definite improvement. MJ knocked this one out of the park! Matt's new envelope can clearly be shown open and empty with no visible 'Windows' at all. Yet the envelope is so devious for getting information right in front of the spectators on the fly.

For the money, this is a steal. The bonus on the end And the fact that it is still modular is really fantastic! This is a truly excellent release. Everything so carefully thought out and all the details worked through.

1474, 11 février. – Avignon.

I've seen many p k envelopes, but never one like this. Conceptually it's almost like a 'self-sealing' P k envelope in that the secret method for gaining the information is there one second, then becomes invisible the next It is a fantastic improvement of the Dark Arts concept and there is a lot of clever thinking behind it. Trust me, if you are looking for a practical way to p k you need to get this asap!

I can't see anybody being disappointed with Matt's latest offer. I really like it! If you're looking for a practical and easy to set up peek device that you can make at home, you won't be disappointed. You also get a bunch of different templates included, which opens it up to a bunch of different presentational angles.

This is a really cool release! I must say, it is even cleverer than I thought. Matt has evolved an already great idea and made it a real worker. You get everything you need to make your own envelopes making it a steal. I can't recommend this highly enough. Thumbs up for sure, thank you Matt. Voici quelque chose que votre public n'a jamais vu auparavant, et il va les laisser sans voix! Un symbole est choisi et votre sharpie va prendre vie et dessiner le symbole tout seul.

De quoi faire gimmick. Pas une seule trace de plaie ni de trou. Aimant pour corde dimensions x4 mm. Ces petits aimants sont d'une puissance incroyable. Largeur de la bande: Dimension s 40 x 20 x 10 mm. Enfin le billet revient sur votre main, vous montrez que vous n'avez rien d'autre dans les mains et vous rendez le billet.

Vous pourrez utiliser n'importe quel objet fin tel qu'un billet ou une carte de visite. Sets up en 30 secondes. Vous vous versez un verre et pendant que le liquide coule vous lachez le verre, celui ci tient suspendu dans les airs! Un effet tout simplement magique! Verre et Gimmick Fournis. Le gimmick que nous vous vendons s'adapte sur tous les types de canettes de soda.

Voici un des plus grands classiques en magie: Le spectateur en choisit un au hasard et le pose dans votre main ouverte. De l'autre vous prenez le jeu est le claquez sur le ballon D'un coup sec vous la tirez pour la faire sortir du ballon.

Besoin de plus d'information?

Livre avec les ballons, les illustations Vous utilisez votre jeu de cartes. Learn a visual change that you can use in your routine. Simply twist a card that's facing your audience, and in the blink of an eye, it's a different card. Looks like real magic! Get this video download and start blowing people away! Vous demandez au spectateur de colorier mentalement ses dessins. Puis vous effeuillez encore l'album ; tous les dessins sont maintenant en couleur!

Montrez d'abord l'album blanc, puis optionnellement l'album avec les dessins noirs et blancs. Tour visuel, tout public, bluffant! Un moment indescriptible et dont il se souviendra! La magie a lieu dans vos mains, ou dans celles du spectateur. Un arsenal de routines extraordinaires qui tient dans la poche!

Le tour des quatre cartes: Vous pouvez faire tenir la languette par vos spectateurs pour que la transformation se fasse dans leur main. Almost Impromptu features 4 effects that require little to no set up and can be done any time, any where. As a bonus this routine can be done with a signed coin.

This page PDF is filled with amazing almost impromptu effects that will add depth to your current repertoire. Tous ses tours sont des miracles. Rappel de amaze box: Elle plonge la main dedans et en ressort un papier au hasard. Vous pourrez faire apparaitrent tellement de chose avec AmazeCups. Inclus la boite en carton dimention 20cmX13cmX13 cm. Vous venez donc de forcer un bout de papier, qui peut contenir n'importe quelle information: Information que vous pourrez utiliser plus tard dans votre spectacle. En utilisant un porte-badge comme support, il est possible de dessiner dessus et de combiner ainsi des effets originaux.

Version 1 dollars Superbe finition Fabrication Tango Magic. The card is pushed in the rest of the way, then the spectator is asked to name a number between You, without ANY cuts, shuffles or 'moves' of any kind, legitimately count to the named number and find the signed card!

This page manuscript details several of Jerry Andrus' most famous effects. Through illustrated instructions, classics such as 'Zone Zero' and 'Sudden Surprise' are completely explained. Le tour ultime de mentalisme qui tient dans votre poche Une carte est choisie librement vraiment! Personne ne voit la carte ni magicien ou ni le spectateur. Nous allons dire que c'est le Deux de carreau. Il compte 29 cartes Pas de gimmicks ou de doublons. Non, un fou de magie! Prenez ensuite les verres, faites les examiner au public.

Comme par magie vous pouvez retourner chaque verre sans crainte d'en renverser le contenu! N'importe quelle carte dans le portefeuille de n'importe quel spectateur. Une routine de Jeff Kaylor et Michael Ammar. Peut se faire avec n'importe quel jeu. Pas de portefeuille special. DVD explicatif en anglais. Vous placez la bague du spectateur sous un foulard. Il sent parfaitement sa bague, et pourtant en une seconde seulement celle-ci disparait! Plus aucune trace de bague sous le faoulard.

Foulard de couleur NOIR. Every single routine featured can be done from a borrowed shuffled deck, with no sleight of hand or prior setup needed. Someone hands you a deck, and you'll be ready to fry their minds with TEN incredible self-working miracles. And these are NOT transparent, underwhelming tricks. Seriously impressive, reputation making magic. Self-working these routines may be, but they will still make you look like a card magic ninja!

EVERY routine starts from a borrowed, shuffled deck in use. Zero sleight of hand required. Use ANY deck of cards. Be ready to perform anywhere, any time with any deck. Can you show us something? I don't have my props with me Learn techniques, ideas and routines that you can use in ANY situation to create deep moments of mysterious entertainment with ""Anywhere Mentalism"".

You don't need anything other than the information in this book. Borrow unprepared items No setup Simple approach Effective results! Anywhere Effects Time for Weird Things: Two watches, synchronicity and mind reading. One participant thinks of a time, another participant turns the stem of a watch. The two hours match. Freud Would Be Proud: A no palm thought of card to pocket with a logical presentation and easy mechanics. Predict the selected rune symbol in a ritualistic way. Propless mind reading and a memorable entertaining visualization.

Triple mental wonder with an interesting theme. Pendulum and a visual metaphor about mind reading. Conscious and unconscious thoughts are used to create psychic wonders. A simple and impressive piece of prophecy with a borrowed coin Billet Master: A full billet peek and routine that works perfectly.

Anywhere Techniques Palm Vein Suggestion: Let your participant see strange things appear in his own palm. The participant feels his third eye and opens their consciousness before any mental connection. The participant will feel his thought move from his mind to your mind. A technique to achieve a bend in any cutlery. Just with two borrowed business cards, read minds like anyone!

Construct, in an impromptu way, a method to read minds in a casual and unplanned manner. Much of it will look like real mind reading or hypnotic influence. My kind of thinking! Look out for anything this guy releases as it's sure to be a big hit! The 'Palm Veins' is a great piece and if is done as hypnosis suggestion followed from a mind reading routine can be very strong.

Also the pendulum routine is something that I really liked. I truly recommend to all of you this book. It's a wonderful idea that made a certain area of mentalism much more workable for me. Le support de hanche. Le Dvd la magie des Oiseaux. Faites apparaitre 6 verres de nulle part!!! The performer removes a mystery, odd-backed lucky card from his wallet and isolates it.

Two decks are then introduced -- a number deck and a standard deck of cards. Both decks are spread for the spectator to choose ANY card from each they really do touch any card from each deck! Next, instead of a tedious counting procedure found in most ACAANs, the performer retrieves the isolated lucky card, which is then turned over to show that it's not only a perfect match to the freely selected card, but it also has the chosen number permanently written on it! An exact coincidence -- proving that it truly is a lucky card!

The description above is how the effect plays out every time no ""best case scenario"" Very practical method Easy to do Resets in under 10 seconds Multiple versions taught, including variations with just one deck Can be adapted to a variety of other creative ideas aside from cards and numbers such as names, drawings, logos, colors, etc. Here are a few quotes from reviews over at The Magic Cafe: It won't end up at the bottom of a magic drawer There is a one-time, easy DIY construction to setup the decks for the effect, which uses materials that most magicians likely already have.

Cadre en Bois Verni. Le magicien montre deux ardoises. Il reprend les deux ardoises, les plaque l'une contre l'autre et fait une passe magique. Vous faites choisir une carte par un spectateur. Donnez le nom du spectateur. Lors de son second passage le crayon traverse lentement, et visiblement toute la largeur du billet! Prenez votre bague de couleur noire. En un instant elle change de couleur et devient argent, ou inversement. Un accessoire de tous les jours, que vous aurez toujours avec vous,. Le spectateur nomme son chiffre, que vous inscrivez au-dessous du volet 3. Un excellent truc impromptu qui devrait faire partie de votre set de close up.

There is also included another method which has been hinted at in a Book Released by Paul Voodini Called "Astro-Divinations" by Cashliostro, within which you will see this method and work by Royle Credited, referenced and recommended twice. This is an even more cunning Secret and truly does make it appear as though you are able to walk up to complete Strangers and accurately tell them exactly what Star-Sign they are!

And yes we also then discuss ways of going further by telling them exactly upon which date and in which month they were born as well. Arguably these two methods, one of which can be with a little thought used to reveal many other Personal and Private Pieces of Information about Audience Members, are as close as you could get to real mind reading, whilst at the same time being perfectly Reliable and Effective each and every time you use them.

Check out what others are charging for complicated mathematical systems and other methods which may not be as reliable and you'll soon realise what a bargain this PDF is!

boutique de magie et magasin de magie en ligne

Le magicien exhibe un foulard transparent et une boule en aluminium. Le magicien exibe un foulard transparent et une mini boule en aluminium. The Worker's Torn and Restored Card! A spectator selects a card, and it is then signed by you and your spectator. The card is then torn and visually restored in a dramatic new way! The card can instantly be handed out for examination right after the restoration! Voici ce que vous apprendrez dans cette section:. La carte choisie sous la montre.

Il en propose aussi des variantes comme…. Out Of Your Mind: Un pur moment de magie! Four Quarters Bill Change: Card Routine Finesse, ou Comment faire des tours de cartes, dans le bruit. Ring and Coin Routine: Old Gimmick New Idea: Du neuf avec du vieux! The New Back Off: Five Hands Plus One: Pour terminer, Doc Nixon vous expliquera encore quelques effets nouveaux et originaux tout droit sortis de son cerveau fertile.

Il vous faut un seul billet de papier et une seule enveloppe. Un billet, une enveloppe. Deux jeux de cartes - un rouge, un bleu. Une routine hilarante de John sur une variation de l'effet classique de Kenton Knepper. C'est le book test de John qui n'est pas vraiment book test. Cela devrait aiguiser vos papilles! Conversation as Mentalism effects: La magie des cartes vue par Ammar. Le travail au Topit. DIY Aces routine de tricherie.

Production de 4 cartes: Shin en propose quelques-unes de son cru. Cartes Time Line 2. Un effet pratique, classe, et convaincant! He is one of the world's leading consultants for televised magic and stage productions. He also has a reputation for creating strong, hard-hitting, real world magic, with a specialty in using technology in his effects and his amazing card work. We have finally convinced him to reveal some of the secrets and reputation makers from his personal routines.

Back with all new material, it's no surprise that we are thrilled to welcome Alan Rorrison to At The Table! Alan's own opener for his parlor set -- a visual, hands-off Any Card at Any Number that will fool everyone from laymen to magicians! A stunning take on Hofzinser's Ace Problem, with a twist! A coin-toss your spectator will never figure out. Astonish your spectators by guessing in which hand they're holding a coin without ever touching them. Surprise your audience by turning a dollar bill into an origami swan, using only a cell phone and a ""freely"" chosen image.

The ultimate borrowed bill routine. They'll never see this ending coming! The only British magician to perform at President Obama's inauguration, Andi is a world-class sleight-of-hand artist whose routines are filled with wit, charisma, and a ton of magic. If you're a hobbyist looking to make a career in magic, or if you are a seasoned pro looking to book more gigs, Andi gives invaluable insight on how to market yourself, build a website, and organize a business around performing magic.

But more importantly, Andi delivers with his style of hard-hitting magic -- his walk-around routine alone has twelve moments of magic built into it. Andi's killer walk-around routine.

He's designed this worker with a series of twelve quick-fire magical moments that fully engages three or more spectators. While this is performed without a memorized deck, the best-kept secret of this trick is that it can be performed without destroying a stack, making it a natural opener for mem-deck work. Inspired by Guastaferro's ""Biddless,"" Andi ""pickpockets"" the spectator's chosen card from within the spectator's grip, revealing it to be in his own pocket.

And this effect is made even better with a powerful surprise ending. A ""Flat-Monte"" routine perfect for walk-around. No gaffs or gimmicks in this version, and it always leaves spectators scratching their heads. This trick might start off as a joke, but it ends with the magician really pulling out a freely selected card from his pocket. The real magic behind this trick is that it is a perfect out for anytime you've ever mis-forced a card, lost a break or, for some reason, are unable to finish a trick.

Ben Cardall uses his unique capabilities of reading people and deducing clues to present himself as a mind reader extraordinaire. From popular releases such as ""Sherlockian"" and ""Ratiocination,"" this Sherlock Holmes ""obsessed"" fan stands as a powerhouse in the world of mentalism. Borrowing from the Sherlockian ideas of deduction and sleuthing, Ben Cardall pushes the limits of reality and possibility with a skill set that he'll be sharing with us on his lecture At The Table! Ben teaches you how to become a real life ""Rain Man,"" then transfer that power to any one of your spectators!

Le mental de l'etre europeen est a nouveau nauseabond; chassez le naturel Vous etes si facilement manipulable; c'est dramatique pour vous. Nous le constatons lorsque la police ne peut entrer dans certains quartiers! Peut-on comparer les situations de et de ?

Non, sauf en quelques points tels que Roubaix et le etc. Cependant, comme il y a des niches fiscales, il y a en outre des niches communautaires. Il faut redresser la barre.

Foulard en soie 60x60

Les anglo-saxons sont un exemple dans ce domaine Freedom of speech:. Ca me console un peu. Que l'on se rassure. Ce n'est pas le cas: Il va falloir d'autres preuves pour me convaincre. Mais est-elle la cause de son accroissement? Gomme l'a si bien dit M.

Ce n'est pas d'ail leurs en fermant les yeux sur le mal qu'on pourra l'enrayer. Mais ce n'est pas tout que de punir: J'approuve les policiers de la BAC, ils font le boulot que la justice qui pourtant juge en notre nom ne veut pas faire. Sur le sort des 1. Pourquoi pas en d'ailleurs? A ce jeu on fait dire, tout et son contraire.

Trop facile d'instrumentaliser les chiffres comme vous le faites: Quel ratio population urbaine et rurale? Allez, une question facile: Seulement eux, le jour du grand chambardement, s'exileront vers des terres plus accueillantes et ce n'est certainement pas dans un pays islamiques. Quand leur "progressisme-relativisme" nous conduit aux pires obscurantismes Quand il faut se loger, s'instruire, aller et venir Dommage que je ne puisse joindre mes prises sur ce fil.

Il y en a pour tout le monde. Seul point noir, il n'y pas assez de blancs dans les arrondissements centraux. Moi aussi avec lui. La question n'est pas de savoir si on se fait remplacer mais quand on va devenir minoritaire. Tout est dit par ces branleurs Je suis bien conscient de ce probleme. Oui, cent fois oui!

Le coup fumant, le voici: Un nouveau cahier du Nouvel Obs titre: Nouvel Obs Beaux Arts -http: Sous quelle occupation culturelle vivons-nous aujourd'hui? Ils avaient tous un parent, un fils, un cousin qui avait fait le trajet Marseille - Alger et qui risquait de se faire tuer. Mais de cela nous n'en parlerons plus. Seul le "massacre" du 17 octobre a fait l'objet d'une reconnaissance. L'ile de France, un nouveau Kossova en devenir? Il nous prend pour des buses, ce type.

Les enfants de musulmans sont donc bien des musulmans effectifs, automatiquement et passivement, et pour en sortir, ils doivent apostasier. Il y a vraiment des coups de pieds au c. Il mobilisait quelques personnes plus une centaine de chauffeurs qui sillonnaient Paris et sa Banlieue. Je ne vois pas en quoi toutes ces questions expliquent qu'en il y avait un taux de 8,4 meutres et assassinats pour habitants alorsqu'aujourd'hui on a environ 1 homicide pour habitants.

Mais n'est-ce pas ce que chacun fait sur ce blog? Hollande est de plus en plus maso.

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Mais nous le sentons, ce danger. Nous aimerions bien nous tromper et croire aux mythes! Ici, nous relatons des faits!!! OUI, il y a un danger d'expansion de l'islam! Le multiculturalisme est un leurre. Et comme pour circuler sur la route, si on ne suit pas le code, c'est le foutoir. Le communautarisme, les tribus, les clans, c'est typique du continent africain. Pire, on le soutient. Ce sont ces 3 valeurs qui attirent les migrants de tout poil.

Leur veulerie est sans limite et c'est pourquoi je ne suis pas optimiste. What you say is not really friendly, but not entirely wrong. The only problem is that our leaders are so intellectually miserable and ignorant history, religion, philosophy , that we just cannot do anything, we're just like prisonners. Journalists except a few ones like I. We also regret that the Church does'nt play anymore the role it should, as already considering itself as a loser.

Et que vous a t-elle donc fait, la droite catholique? Ne pensez vous pas qu'aujourd'hui plus que jamais le concept de valeurs est important? Nous avons notre libre-arbitre et Dieu s'il existe n'est jamais intervenu dans les affaires des hommes. Le constat est fait ici et ailleurs depuis longtemps. Totalement d'accord avec votre post! Il y a des cars de CRS et les wechs ont disparu!

Ils n'auraient pas pu le faire avant? Par contre contre la droite, ils sont "vigilants" Tous les espoirs sont permis. Non je ne vous prends pas pour un pleutre. Le 10 octobre " Une parole commune entre nous et vous " ,pourquoi pas l'inverse? Je fais partie de ceux qui ne cessent de clamer qu'il ne faut pas se tromper de cible. Elle continue par embuscades que l'on ne cesse de nous tendre. Devant une telle attitude on se pose la question de savoir qui divise la France?

L'observation ne suffit plus, I Rioufol. Pas plus qu'au Cambodge C'est comme si une Cham ne pouvait pas poster hors du Cambodge. Si je ne le dis pas, qui s'en rend compte? Vos cris ne changent rien aux faits. Madame je vous remercie. Volontiers railleur, provocateur, lumineux d'intelligence.

Tiens, tiens, qui l'aurait cru? Vous avez bien lu: En plus, Valls veut faciliter la naturalisation Hollande s'est repenti pour le 17 octobre Thomas La justice faire son travail Sans vous en rendre compte,vous me rendez hommage. Mon bord est celui de l'intelligence. Qui ne me fait pas dire noir quand je vois blanc et vive et versa. C'est parmi eux que l'on a eu nos soldats les plus courageux,les plus solides,les plus valeureux. Mais cela est une autre histoire, dont on pourra parler un jour, dans cette comparaison attristante avec l'aujourd'hui et le hier, sans faire Caton l'Ancien.

Nous payons tous, et en plus fort cher, la propagande de l'antifrance La "crise des vocations" n'affecte ni les imams ni les rabbins. Ce drapeau Fln dont de Gaulle disait que lui vivant il ne flotterait jamais sur Alger flotte sur Paris. Ils ne se battaient pas contre la France. Rioufol qui a besoin de statistiques alors que le resultat d'une immigration incontrolee, mais voulue par la nomenklatura, est sous nos yeux, dans nos rues, dans chaque ville de France, et bientot dans chaque village.

Je ne suis pas sujette a des hallucinations lorsque je vois la part d' extra-Europeens augmenter d'annee en annee ou que Je me rende en France; lorsque les demandes communautaristes se font de plus en plus exigeantes et nombreuses; lorsque des mosquees sortent de terre comme des champignons; lorsque le halal et le casher envahissent nos assiettes et deviennent la norme barbarie envers les animaux. Que voulez-vous que des statistiques nous apprennent de plus?

Elles seront minorees pour telle ou telle raison et la nomenklatura continuera a se moquer de nous. Seule une resistance sans faille pour lutter contre cet etat de fait est indispensable. Tout a fait d'accord avec vous. Toutes les immigrations sont nocives pour notre pays depassees un certain seuil. Nous avons le droit de le dire, de le repeter et de nous battre pour inverser la tendance, coute que coute! Le pire, c'est que vous croyez en ce que vous dites. En vous remerciant, en plus ,de recommander les ouvrages d'Amouroux alors que je venais de le faire.

Il faut lire le papier de Bernard Lugan sur son Blog: Quel est donc le vrai bilan de cette manifestation? Quelle honte pour notre pays,pour notre peuple. Gloire et honneur au sergent Richomme,au soldat Decourteix et au cavalier Feullebois. Et je ne juge rien. We should get ours immigrants among christians from all the countries where they are persecuted: And they should melt.

Instead, we prefer people which simply are not able to melt and even want to put their own rotten, regressive and out of date ill-traditions in the place. We crazzy people are going to die if we keep going on this erratic way. Que pouvons-nous refuser d'accepter? Ensemble nous pouvons trouver des solutions. Et nous avons des amis partout en Europe: Non rien d'autre, merci. Pour en savoir plus: Atlantico, 17 octobre Lionel Jospin et remis au mois de janvier par M. Bien plus grave, si ce sont eux qui conseillent nos gouvernants, on est mal, vraiment mal.

Mais je n'ai rien dit de tel! Ce dont nous n'avons pas besoin. Il y a sur ce fil d'excellents textes et liens. Il semble prendre des vessies pour des lanternes. Grand merci pour vos informations. En faisant acte d'un "repentir" qui n'engage que lui, Mollasson Ier vient de montrer son vrai visage: La pourriture est contagieuse.

Comme les grands silences annonciateurs de chaos, je ne sais pas ce qui se trame en coulisse dans ce pays, mais je sais que nous allons droit vers un inconnu dont personne ne devine les contours. Le laxime aussi puissant. Les faits divers sont quotidiens. La plupart des gens sont incapables de s'adapter.

Pour tuer un boa, il faut simplement attendre qu'il soit repu et assoupi. Si on n'a pas compris ce qu'entreprend FH alors Ca donnerait le tournis! Voir le sondage ifop de ce jour: Peut-on garder encore l'espoir dans de telles circonstances? Je n'ai pas eu le temps ,sourie,de vous saluer. Ces photos sont terribles et connues de tous les pieds-noirs. Trop de repentance tue la repentance. Est-ce la bonne ou la mauvaise nouvelle du jour? Avez-vous des preuves tangibles? A 17 ans,je passais des armes pour le Fln". M'sieur moi j'y suis pour rien! Qu'est ce que vous voulez "Ils" s'en foutent!!

C'est un effet naturel. Nul besoin de passer des heures sur internet. C'est vrai, c'est un peu plus long que d'aller dans ses liens favoris qui renvoient aux sites Dreuz ou fdesouches. Moi, je veux bien. Il y a des franco-suisses, etc etc. On pourrait alors compter ceux qui font le choix de la France Il n'y avait rien.

Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition) Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition)
Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition) Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition)
Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition) Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition)
Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition) Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition)
Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition) Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition)
Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition) Quest-ce que le vide ? (Bulles de sciences) (French Edition)

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