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Spring Thunder by Fennelseed. Malcom Of The Rings by Hibob. Saruman of many Devices by Saphroneth. End Of The Line by Peladon. Fellowship of The Ring by Hstaphath. Policing Middle Earth by aoteoran. Mystery Science Theater by Hardman Love Pays No Indemnity by Jana. Apples by The Amazing Maurice. The Shadow of Angmar by Steelbadger. Throes of Fate by Ruairi J L. The Lannisters in the War of the Ring by willywalkerstrikesagain.

Things As They Should Be: By Legolas by mbus Did I Say Bosom? The Fellowship of the Ring: The Breadbox Edition by Evadne. Elladan's Biograph Script by ClaudiElf. How to Save Your Marriage by eleveninches. DM of the Rings by Shamus Young. The Lord of the Rings by jules The Game of the Gods Link by Limyaael. Pippin's Diary by Hilary Thomson. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Morwen Tindomerel Link Recommended by: This author is amazing. She takes the mythic of Middle-Earth and gives it just enough humanity to make it seem even more epic.

The continuity of her LOTR fiction is singular, each building upon the other, but able to be read one at a time. Has an excellent exposition of the fate of Arnor. This troper recommends starting with The Last Homely House On the other hand, her writing style somewhat clashes with the original's, and this added to the author's overly fondness for short chapters and OCs may make the story look too simplistic and somewhat cheap. This troper gave her a try and ended up feeling somewhat cheated, having enjoyed some of the plots and concepts but being incredibly disappointed in the fics themselves.

Basically, it is a Crack Fic of epic proportions! Gwen and Kisha are the only counselors left at camp when suddenly, a ton of Tolkien characters show up. Morgoth becomes a good guy! The Witch King's name is Tim! People fall in love who you'd never suspect! Ansela , Tron 80 Synopsis: The original and some say the best Official Fanfiction University. This is what started mini-Balrogs, the colour urple and the concept of Learning Through Pain.

Baylor's Fanfiction Recommended by: Hobbit-centric stories, mostly G-rated and gen, that are wonderful character explorations and often attempt to fill in some of the events glossed over by the epic nature of the books. For instance, The Care and Feeding of Hobbits , Boromir's perspective of the Fellowship's journey and his friendship with Pippin in particular, and Fate and the High King's Falcon , about Pippin's recovery after the final battle. Shirebound's Fanfiction Recommended by: Hobbit-centric stories with quite a few stories including Fellowship members as well.

Most of the fiction is rated G and follows book-canon with many references to film appearances. Especially delightful is her AU 'Quarantined' series , in which, by the first story, Frodo and Aragorn know one another years before the quest and become friends. If AU is not your thing, she has many strictly canon one-shots and multiple chapter stories as well.

What if a group of fans of Total War games and the books got together and expanded on an unfinished manuscript for sequel to the books? Where in the fourth age of Middle-Earth a dark cult has appeared in the lands of the Reunited Kingdom and caused a civil war. What fate now awaits Middle-Earth now the New Shadow has awoken?

The Lord of the Rings is a popular subject for game mods and this one is probably the the most well researched and comprehensive one out there. Total War , it is beautifully made, filled to the brim with lore and references and made in the style of Tolkien in such a way that feels like a natural continuation of the legendarium. Amazingly it's still in development, with the final installation out this year. Whether or not it is strictly fan-fiction is your choice. But it was developed by fans for fans and seeks to create an original experience.

Nili's Fanfiction Recommended by: Stories focusing on the friendship of Aragorn and Legolas, along with Elladan and Elrohir, with a good side helping of Elrond, Glorfindel and Erestor. The writing, plot, fighting scenes and characterization are all incredible and the author is very well-researched in LOTR-verse, as well as creating amazing original characters and villains for each of the stories.

Nili's stories usually have a great combination of angst, humor and heartwarming moments to balance it out. A definite recommendation to read their stories. Probably best-known for her short stories about Legolas and Gimli, but Thundera Tiger seems able to master any character or genre and any story length. Her work ranges from comic subversions Hewing Naught but Wood through character pieces Broken and gapfillers Questing to horror The Unwilling. An author of several AU stories revolving around Samwise Gamgee, yellowrose is perhaps one of the best writers this fandom has produced.

Whether it's creating Original Characters that you either cheer for or despise, or fleshing out minor canon characters, s he really does know when to make you cheer, laugh, cry, or go "Awww". I cannot recommend them enough. Snow Glows Blue Synopsis: Author of many stories, mostly canon consistent but with a few A Us , revolving around Legolas and Gimli. Has a couple of OCs , notably Legolas's friend Caradhil, Legolas's two older brothers, and Gimli's mother, but they're rounded out and well-written.

Incredibly heartbreaking, and among the best fanfiction this troper has read in a long, long time. She's written a great deal of stories that primarily focus on Legolas, from his childhood to adulthood. Her OCs are some of the best written this troper has ever come across, and her writing in general is rich and meaty with a lot of detail. Her works can largely be read as stand-alones but can also be read as one big saga covering Legolas's life and family, with just something to suit everyone: Very pleased to have discovered this author, an instant favorite. Pearl Took Recommended by: One of the greatest non-slash authors.

While she hasn't written anything since , the works she HAS written are some of the best I have ever read. For Every Evil by Mirrordance Recommended by: Legolas is a policeman in His colleagues starts to wonder why the yr veteran doesn't age. Though life's fallen into routine by now, he knows there's trouble ahead when he runs across the Fellowship and some old friends and foes! Modern, Reincarnation, Adventure Comments: It basically takes place in a world where Middle Earth develops into our modern day society.

It's interesting to see Legolas, and some other elves, navigate our society and their relationships with those around them. It's very much plot driven and it kind of reads as a modern thriller. The ocs are fleshed out and likeable. So if you're looking for a long epic adventure read, this ones for you. Kili survived the battle of the five armies, thought he lost his home again. Decades later a grim dwarven warrior comes across a man searching for Imladris. Thus begins a journey across the lone lands that will lead into war.

Part 1 of a 4 part series, all complete. It is a beautifully written, in some parts heartbreaking, tale of grief, duty and above all else, friendship. It is one of the best stories I have read in a long time and truly a pleasure. It also has a re-write which can be found here Tales of a Dark Continent by Morthoron Recommended by: The Enmity Of Ages Status: Well researched and daring, set in the 4th Age,A fascinating subject with a remarkable depth and utterly gripping prose, this is for those who wish to see Tolkien's world explored and illuminated in the best fashion possible.

A Secret Gate by elandulin Recommended by: Last update Synopsis: How Merry and Pippin came to set out on their final journey, many decades into the Fourth Age. A good story, very well told, though not yet complete. There are a few illustrations. The family scenes are heartwarming, and some of the descriptive passages are nearly poetic. There are also lengthy flashbacks to the courtships of Pippin and Merry, which show the damage Saruman did and the lasting effects of the pair's adventures, both good and ill.

Much of the story is from the POV of Jamie Bucket, a charming teenage-equivalent working-class hobbit with an outsider's perspective on the Shire gentry. The author covers a period the later Fourth Age that is rarely treated in fanfiction, and the depiction of the Shire and Middle Earth sixty years after the War of the Ring is painstaking and shows much thought on the part of the author.

In particular, the aged Merry and Pippin are beautifully portrayed - but even the minor roles in a huge cast have a wonderful vividness and depth. His father named him "wanderer"; but everyone called him Pippin. He was the youngest Companion of the Fellowship of the Ring, an innocent and foolish lad who walked heedlessly into legend. Twelve years after the War of the Ring, feeling trapped by responsibilities he doesn't want, Peregrin Took struggles with a restlessness he can no longer deny.

Now, traveling amidst the vast and unexplored vistas of Far Harad, caught up in a war against a tyrannical Magician and the quest for a legendary Jewel, this impossibly curious, recklessly courageous hobbit discovers unexpected friends, devious foes, and a girl who will claim his heart, as he searches for the meaning of home. Adventure, World-building, Pippin-centric Comments: Good world-building for the bits of the mortal world off the map.

Pippin is the only familiar character for much of the fic. Some historical in-jokes, since Lord of The Rings is supposed to be our past. Aragorn and Boromir are taken prisoner at Parth Galen. I really can't say enough in its praise. It's not just a story about Boromir as a Handicapped Badass , it's about deep friendships, good people who do bad things, forgiveness, grief, trauma, and acceptance. The early story has a number of scenes of prisoner abuse, and later, prejudice against the disabled forms a major plot point.

Moria's Revenge by Kookaburra Recommended by: AU story - The denizens of Moria decide to take revenge on the Fellowship — by way of its littlest member. Even when he's rescued, it's not over. There's also a few Original Characters , but only one has a really big role. All in all, a fantastic story that could conceivably exist in canon. The life and adventures of a surgeon in the late Third and early Fourth Ages of Middle-earth, from south to north and back again. AU, explicit sex, surgery use of profane or obscene language, violence, adult themes, sexual content, character death Comments: Incomplete in First Place and Genres: Longer Works in Third Place.

It's long over chapters and counting, including a happy AU where certain characters don't die but worth it. If you want to read about the Middle Earth behind the gloss of bardic lyricism, this is an excellent choice. Tackles political intrigue, racism, sexism, education and war while promoting an endearing plot.

How does one impress a dwarf lord? Gimli son of Gloin never forgot the Lady Galadriel. But love can find you in the most unexpected places and the strangest ways The only Lord of the Rings romance fic I'd ever recommend. How is their relationship affected by Frodo's illness? Why does Sam marry Rosie? Why does Frodo leave the Shire, and to what lengths is he prepared to go to keep Sam safe?

Rating NC, explicit sex Comments: This epic, novel-length love story spanning six decades is famous in both online and offline circles. It's been the subject of academic papers. ATIH is obsessively faithful to canon and includes detailed authors notes. By actions beyond their comprehension, Malcom, Reese, and Dewey find themselves thrown in Middle Earth just after the beggining of Frodo Travesy. Now they must find a way to survive while pissing every single powerful Lord of Middle Earth and be put between the Titanic Fight of Good and Evil.

They are far from amused.

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Irreverent, sarcastic, well thought, kind of breve, Malcom of The Rings is a good way to pass an afternoon. It follow the life of the Three brothers in parallel with the Fellowship of the Rings, exploring middle Earth and its culture by Malcom and Co. While their adventures are quite independent of the rest of the cast they still are present in some of the most crucial moments, either help it happen or hindering with their inane actions. Saruman of many Devices by Saphroneth Recommended by: Alone of every power in Middle-Earth, Saruman innovates, notably gunpowder. What if he had a little help?

A chipped Palantir stone has Saruman the White dial in to a master much different from Sauron. Central - an AI made to bootstrap fragments of human civilization up to the level at which it once was, one step at a time. Well, not only human. Armed with advanced scientific knowledge and the ability to see projected futures, he sets on the uneasy task of imposing peace and progress upon the rather stagnant and traditionalist nations of Middle Earth. With an army of Uruk-hai, of course. Has trope page here. Technically a crossover, but it doesn't read like one.

Crossover with Glen Cook's famous series of military fantasy novels. Tries to reconcile Tolien's narrative with the Black Company's worldview. If you are unfamiliar with the Company, then try to imagine the War of the Ring from the point of view of the bad guys. This entertaining yarn confirms it- and not a moment too soon for Jack! A short rescue tale which explains quite a lot. Instead of pelting Dumbledore for advice, the new Minister listens to a new viewpoint.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Guess who's the lucky wizard assigned to care for the little brats? AwesomeParentHarry giving the Avengers a second chance at childhood, this time done right with lots of love and attention. The Ramifications of Unknown Spells by forever-a-thief reviews After a parting shot from Bellatrix Lestrange, Hermione ends up back at the end of her first year with the intention of fixing everything before it happens, with an unlikely assistant.

The Contract by dunuelos reviews Naruto, in an attempt to use a flashy jutsu his sensei used, opens the way to a whole group of people who will change the shape of the shinobi world. Crossover with Rorchac's Blot's "Make a Wish" and other related stories. Petrification Proliferation by White Squirrel reviews What would have been the appropriate response to a creature that can kill with a look being set loose in the only magical school in Britain? It would have been a lot more than a pat on the head from Dumbledore and a mug of hot cocoa.

What is he to do? Out of the Unknown by axellon reviews Naruto discovers a crashed starship outside his village and his life is forever changed. Under the unorthodox tutelage of a Sith Lord's spirit, he will learn the technology and history of a larger galaxy that he, and no one else from his planet, ever knew existed. A cunningly brilliant, ambitious, devious and diabolical fiendish wizard.

And two dark lords thought that they could use it for their own nefarious purposes! Can Hermione help Harry get out of the Tournament? Ronald has a bad experience due to V and his greed, fears and jealousies. What would the future have looked like? Bilbo manages to escape and runs for his life, unaware that the dwarves after him are trying to apologize to him, not kill him. He wakes up shortly thereafter in the Jedi temple in the year 41 BBY. Haunted by memories and regret, Ben must forge a new path for himself in the Jedi Order of his youth while navigating the murky waters of time travel.

Crafting a better future from bitter experience is hard, but learning to heal is even harder.

The Game of Life by Belial reviews A thoughtless comment during the final battle, and Voldemort realizes the danger he's in and how to avoid it. Harry appears in Limbo alone with his regrets, until he finds a strange game What happens when Harry decides to play, changing things in the process? Proof Positive by ianna28 reviews Tony is no stranger to paternity claims from his female conquests. But when one of the tests actually comes back positive, he decides to not tell anyone about it. All Mary Parker wants is for Tony to spend a little time with their son.

Then he goes missing for 3 months. Tony has a lot to think about in his life now, his company, his arc reactor, and Peter. Harry Brown by mjimeyg reviews Harry is rescued by a woman in a market and her sons when they accidentally discover the abuse he has suffered from the Dursleys. The world now has to deal with a wizard raised by one Agnes Brown. Brown's Boys - Rated: Looking Beyond by shini-amaryllis reviews The first thing everyone noticed about Hope Potter was that she may have had her mother's face, but she had her father's penchant for causing trouble or somehow finding it, and it only made sense that danger was attracted to her very scent.

She was going to prove she was more than just the Girl-Who-Lived. Harry Mostly canon-compliant, diverging in book eight Harry Potter - Rated: Aincrad's Dragon King by TheSilverboar reviews A story where Kirito manages to become a Dragon Tamer, much like Silica, and has a few other skills he uses along with his swords. Kirito will still be a bit of an introvert but will slowly become more social as the story progresses while still keeping the whole 'dark mysterious badass' thing he had going on in the anime.

The only trace that was left of her was the warm sheet and an indentation in the mattress where she sat in the crib next to her brother. All those who know of her existence seemingly forget about her. The only ones that know is a pissed off Dark Lord, and a overly meddlesome Headmaster Pairing to be decided. The Path Least Taken by MonsterSlut reviews In Vernon Dursley is killed in a fire, Petunia and her son were saved by her niece, the widow to reevaluate her treatment of her. Harleen Potter grows up loved and cared for, inseparable from her cousin.

At the age of seven, Dudley has his own bought of accidental magic. Both children will soon be heading to Hogwarts and neither will be messed with. Dudley Harry Potter - Rated: Chance Meeting at the Ink Pot by Teddylonglong reviews Severus Snape meets a six-year-old Harry Potter at The Ink Pot and ends up buying a book for the child, unaware of the far reaching effects of his spontaneous kindness.

It's amazing how fast things change. This is the story of how her life gets completely reorganized. Set in the same universe as "Widow's Choice". Bilbo Baggins and the Most Unexpected Night by Two Last Words reviews Tales of child snatchers have reached the Shire, that's why when Bilbo Baggins hears what he believes to be children in distress he can't ignore it. Slow Burn Future Bagginshield. Edited Hobbit Culture and Aging. Slightly messed up timeline. Constant Correspondent by SingularOddities reviews Hermione and Viktor never stopped writing to each other.

After the war they reunite and start rebuilding their lives together. He thought their twin children died the night she was murdered. But when a young redhead steps between the Destroyer and her uncle, begging him to help her brother, the future changes in more way than one.

Reclaiming the House of Black by Fairywm reviews Tired of the way he and his godson are treated, Sirius takes a stand and reclaims his house. No longer will he let others rule his life. I wouldn't call it bashing, just my point of view. Vulcan Science Academy by Starsinger reviews Plot bunnies abound.

Just as an experiment, Vulcan decides to let human high school students take the entrance exam to the Vulcan Science Academy. One person passes it and they let him attend the Academy. Pon Farr Star Trek: And boy does he.. How hard could it be to be someone's 'wife? FemAmerica, and rated M. Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: After the destruction of the Death Star, Vader begins a crusade to find the boy responsible for it, the pilot by the name of Luke Skywalker. However, he was missing one critical piece of the puzzle; Luke was not actually a boy. Luke Star Wars - Rated: Palimpsest by Larry Huss reviews Hermione gets some of the answers early.

She has trouble understanding what all the questions are. Last Second Savior by plums reviews While leading the final charge against a retreating Dark Lord, Harry is thrown through a destabilized Demon Portal, landing on a strange world in a galaxy far far away. Back to stop herself from ever falling in love with that prat Ron. Back to her fifth year. Will she still fall for Ron or does another Weasley catch her eye? It won't effect the rest of the story any. One was how he wished he could have one more chance It seems he is going to get just that.

Operation Kick Butt and Save the World by FullmetalReborn reviews Getting a second chance was the last thing he wanted or expected but he decided to go along with it. Now in the past with a twelve year old Denzel to take care of, Cloud wonders how he ended up becoming the terrorist Mrs. Wizards In Winter by Mionefan reviews Hermione vows to protect Harry and she inherits an old Grimoire left to her by her grandmother. Title is taken from an instrumental of the same name by The Trans Siberian Orchestra. In light of Molly's breakdown, Hermione steps in the fill the gap and keep the Weasley family afloat.

Many things change in Harry's life. What is one supposed to do when they find themselves inexplicably in the past? Become a terrorist four years early, of course. And look up a few old friends. How would that change life of the boy who lived? Mostly made up of correspondence between the two as Harry enters his first year of school. Daughter of Flame by sakurademonalchemist reviews Angel Potter, commonly called Harry by the idiots of the magical society, decides to take a gamble with her fate and uses a circle she finds in her mother's journal in hopes of finding her father.

She just never expected to find love as well. Now her fate is intertwined with that of the Elric brothers, and she's finding a kindred spirit in the older brother Edward. Can Thorin ever get his hobbit back? No major character deaths. Bilbo Hobbit - Rated: K - English - Chapters: Meeting Harry Potter by chance on the Knight Bus, Delacour, his wife, and his daughters are soon entangled with the story of the Boy Who Lived, and the truth about Sirius The difference is, he doesnt go alone.

In King's Cross, Harry finds out that he has been manipulated by many people in his life. But now, he has the chance to go back. Not-A-Date Night by Basmathgirl reviews When Donna is stood up on a date by Shaun, the Doctor feels an urgent need to rescue her from a lonely restaurant table.

To Save a Hobbit by randomplotbunny reviews Bilbo is ill and so decides to accompany the Dwarves on their adventure instead of wasting away in the Shire. But is there hope for our dear Hobbit at the end of his journey? Eventual Smaugbo, with a light dash of Bagginshield thrown in. Hufflepuff's Keep by Madrigal-in-training reviews Justin's parents raised him to be the right sort, so he apologized after the Chamber of Secrets debacle. He thought that would be the end of the matter, but Holly Elizabeth Potter had a knack for piquing his interest, regardless of how unintentional it was.

Harry Harry Potter - Rated: What if John Winchester was killed during a hunt, leaving his two young sons, Sam and Dean orphaned. Can the town drunk and three orphans become and stay a family, through thick and thin. He thought being a teenage super hero with spider powers was bizarre enough. His life is about to get a lot more complicated than it already is. He travels to the Shire to beg Baya's forgivness and ask her to return to Erabor. But things are a lot more complicated then he thought.

A dark conspiracy is threatening to uproot everything Thorin has worked to so very hard to reclaim, and destroy the family he's just started to build Hobbit - Rated: She slayed the dragon, reclaimed the Mountain, birthed a forest, and won a war. But that was just the beginning. The past has a funny way of coming back to haunt you. Horcruxes and Dark Lords and quests to destroy them both, this time though, she's not alone.

She has a Fellowship at her side. Lucius just wants to support his wife, Draco wants to run away from home and Dumbledore, well he just wants his headache to go away. Mrs Viktor Krum-Rewritten by crazy1person2you3been4warned reviews Okay Harry is no longer apart of the male gender. He is now a girl and his name is Calla-Lily Dorea Potter. If you look up at the title you could probably guess who he's going to end up with. She finds out in the day she finds out she's a witch some shocking news.

So read this modified story. If you can Harry Potter - Rated: He willingly accepts any assignment given to him with no questions asked. In the years he spent working at said secret organization, he's used to facing danger. But now he's faced with the most dangerous mission of all time: Prequel to This Means War. Identity Crisis by sakurademonalchemist reviews The Doctor's 'Twin', his clone. Left behind to take care of Rose while the original ran off back to the 'home' universe for more adventures.

But a clone can't always replace the original, and Rose isn't satisfied with the Doctor's solution. Which leaves the question: Go to the past! So he wasn't quite sure why Pepper was so surprised that he returned from San Fransokyo with two genius brothers and their personal healthcare robot. Going on an Adventure, Finding Family and Acceptance by Howlingwolf reviews Bilbo doesn't belong in the Shire, Gandalf knows this very well, with Bilbo having 'dangerous' shifts as well as some magical talent.

But, he's hoping that being in the company of thirteen odd dwarves will help Bilbo find some form of acceptance and, if Bilbo's really lucky, family and love. Or is it Bilbo that doesn't belong anywhere? I totally suck at these: If today was your last day by Nurserygirl reviews After the final battle the gang heads to Cleavland only to be side tracked with a trip to Michigan. They are soon learn that one of their own has been keeping secrets. The Vampire Slayer - Rated: Love Makes a Difference by fringeperson reviews It is truly amazing how having a little love and understanding can change things so dramatically, even if some things never truly change.

Taser Tricks, don't own, complete. How It Should Have Been by Frave reviews Despite what Dumbledore might think Sirius didn't actually spend the year after the Triwizard Tournament drinking himself into an early grave and feeling sorry for himself at Grimmauld Place. He started a chain of events that will expose some unpleasant truths and change countless lives forever. Everybody Likes Cupcakes by KrazzeeAJ reviews The one where Jim makes a friend in that bar fight, tries to keep a low profile at the Academy, hangs out with her mom on break and gets a kick out of annoying Pike You know, the usual.

Little Hidden One by Bedlam87 reviews It is well known that there is nothing so cherished in the dwarven race as their children. However, as in all races there are exceptions. What is Valentine's Day?

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  7. What could go wrong? Willing to do almost anything to stay hidden from the world she left behind after discovering her immortality, she finds herself working alongside god and mortal alike in an effort to protect the world from alien invasion. Harry, some adult themes, swearing, and mention of suicide. Sequel part I up. Harry, through the selection of the Valar, is plucked from her home world and dropped in Middle Earth to complete a task that will ultimately help the Fellowship save Middle Earth.

    Starts post Fifth year and near the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring movie. Obvious by Arella1 reviews "You can be absurdly oblivious to the obvious sometimes," he chided without heat. Taking the opening, Hermione swallowed her apprehension and tugged lightly on his shirt. Still Waters Run Deep by sarhea reviews He didn't expect it. She didn't expect it. But like they say, still waters run deep; prim and proper doesn't mean passionless.

    Added a new chapter with Reactions when others find out Harry Potter - Rated: The Jumper Chronicles by HermioneGirl96 reviews After the first war, Remus realizes his chances of working in the wizarding world are slim, and his wand just reminds him of how James, Lily, and Peter died. To escape this world of pain, Remus attends med school, posing as a Muggle and going by his middle name: A story of the missing 12 years of Remus's life.

    Guys, seriously, it all fits. Baby Blues by Dracophile reviews always a girl! Jamie and Spock have just saved earth but their relationship is on the rocks. Can the pair come together despite the time and secrets between them or are they doomed to remain as they are? Kirk, Spock] - Complete. Prometheus Unbound by Stephen Ratliff reviews Draco Malfoy's entire world is about to be turned upside down. If he hadn't stepped into Harry Potter's compartment to insult Hermione and her condition, he might never had found out about his father's first love. How a logical scientist, a passionate doctor and an intuitive leader found their way to each other.

    K reviews Just a bunch of chapters, plots, snippets and ideas that I have in my head and wish to share. And all have the possibility to become an actual story. Kagome centered x-over ideas of mine. Rated M, for just in case. She wasn't fast enough to save her mother then, but she was fast enough to save others now. The lightning chose her for a reason, right? In which Barry Allen is born female and still manages to have the worst luck ever.

    Barry AU, doused with Thallen and Barrison. A Child Avenged by PandasWearGlasses reviews Harry Potter is a good guy, really, but there are some lines that should never be crossed, and Nick Fury has just crossed them. The Most Precious of Treasures by SapphireShelle91 reviews Bilbo is thought to have died during the Battle of the Five Armies, but in reality she has returned home to Shire, believing that she has been forever banished from her friends sides and that they are far better off believing that she is indeed dead.

    Darcy asks Thor if she can attempt to lift Mjolnir, and surprises them both when she is able to. Then she proceeds to level a dealership with the lightning conjured by Mjolnir. Rated T for minor swearing. This is technically complete, but is also ongoing. Some OSs are rated M read at your own risk. Please review with prompts. Home is Where the Heart Is by Arashi Uzumaki-Namikaze reviews Thorin Oakenshield died on a battlefield almost a hundred years before the woman he loved, in her arms, begging for her forgiveness.

    Briony Baggins felt Thorin die and lived on through the Fading she was supposed to experience, dying after the Ring's destruction. Eru thinks it's high time to change the battle against the wayward monster, Morgoth. Paying for it by Sheankelor reviews What does Severus have to do to pay for his Potions Mastery and how does that change events to come? Rated M for themes and language. She has one hell of a family.

    Author's Note - I own nothing recognizable! Disclaimer for all chapters. While drunk and celebrating the birth of James' heiress, the two best friends decide to betroth their children via a marriage contract. After all, then they'd finally be actual family Eleven years later, two orphaned children get the surprise of their life. Harry dies well before his time and is sent back to clean up the mess he left behind. And the ship which is supposed to bring them there is Dear ambassadors, prepare for journey full of tension, awkwardness, friendship, first meetings and BAMFness.

    Third in "Best Served Cold" series. Perdition's Fires by Arella1 reviews "I have a feeling that you would be a formidable chess player. Pardon the Engineering Parlance by KrazzeeAJ reviews This is what happens when you put a crazy engineer and a brilliant command cadet together. A smart, well educated Harry taught by Goblins, Elves, and unnamed Wizards. Hopefully there is a grain of humor in here. The Fates decide he deserves another chance for his heroic efforts. He is reincarnated, as Harry Potter. Now armed with the memories of his past life and mistakes he sets out to stop Voldemort and change the Wizarding World.

    Prompt by savya Harry Potter - Rated: This not one of those stories. What if Naruto got the powers of somebody else? Or more than one person? Hermione Walburga Black by xoxoChairGossipxoxo reviews Hermione stumbles across some documents that mention Sirius Black's missing twin. When she finds out her true identity as Hermione Black the missing Black returns to her true time in order to change the past, will she succeed?

    Reality has forced her to distance herself from Oliver. She can't reconcile her dreams with the man who returned. Finding a rock to hide under again, a certain speedster won't let her stew alone. An Army of One by smoss reviews He was just looking for a place to hide from everything; however Harry Potter finds himself in another galaxy and his adventure is just starting. T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: Everybody meet Spiderman by junkie munkie reviews Turns out he didn't need to be introduced. Each of them had already met him before.

    Most knew him as Peter. There's going to be a quest, a quest to reclaim Erebor and he wants in. The warrior witch he meets in his dreams doesn't seem to think it's a good idea for him to go though. At least, not alone. My Son the Wizard by savya reviews After his first year at Hogwarts Harry discovers a startling truth that throws him into an entirely new world.

    He finds a new family and a new home that drastically changes his life for the better, if not crazier. After all when you're the son of Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man, life is bound to be interesting. Voldemort is truly dead and Umbridge is not a problem. The Slytherin Quidditch match is upcoming and the regular Gryffindor Keeper is sick. Ron is not much of a replacement, but Harry has a better idea. Thorin dreams of Valinor, and his Greed pulls him further Now to face the consequences, which may include living inside a girl's body Magik Shoppe by otakusocial reviews Hariel Potter, shop owner of an eccentric shop of knick knacks that had no correlation except make her store look like a jumbled mess.

    But Asuma didn't really go there for the merchandise. Hermione's family is murdered and she is out for revenge. In order to help calm her, Albus appoints Severus as her Guardian. Unfortunately, Snape has no intentions of reigning the girl in. Some days, dealing with a bunch of bratty quasi-immortal beings and their temper tantrums just wasn't worth it. Especially when they kept causing him so much extra paperwork. The Highwayman by Arrowsbane reviews "Hannah is only six years old the first time she meets the strange man with the funny hair.

    Only, he's not really tall enough to be a man. Hannah Potter tried to be good, she really did. In the end it took a Dwarf from middle Earth to teach her that she wasn't doing anything wrong to begin with. Yet Still Even More Fragments! And man do I have a hard time NOT coming up with random ideas every five seconds! So he takes steps. She was Hermione Granger - as if she'd do anything this insane without the proper research and reference charts. Arriving on the 14th of May , She had given herself days. An ample amount of time to commit murder if one had a strict schedule, the correct notes and the help of one possibly reluctant, estranged heir.

    Cabin in the Woods by Ezra Cross reviews Skye has been banished to that lonely cabin so that she can learn to control her powers and to protect the populace if she cant. But what happens when her little bit of boring solitude is invaded by an injured, smart talking, Hawkeye? And then the Hulk appears? Skye must learn the power of control or face being the world's greatest outcast for accidentally murdering an Avenger. Message in a Bottle by Angry Hermione reviews A life of regret and an endless, devastating war causes Harry to do the unthinkable Can he rewrite the past or will his efforts be in vain?

    One Moment by merdarkandtwisty reviews One moment can change not only the life of one person, one couple or even just one family but that of a whole war effort. Harry Soulbond Harry Potter - Rated: When Naruto accidently came into contact with one of the craters where the stars had fell, he found a device that contained all the knowledge of an advanced civilization. M - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: A series describing their very first encounter and the coming together that followed.

    How one witch ends up changing an entire world. Bilbo finds a sick Legolas and cares for him until his father arrives. Answer to a prompt from the Hobbit Kink Meme. This Scooby definitely should've remembered some wish demons might be DCverse fans, too, along with having a really wicked sense of humor. The Almost Forgotten Marriage Contract of by worldtravellingfly reviews What would you do when suddenly confronted with a more than years old marriage contract by a teen and her lawyer?

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    Run for the hills? Call the nice guys with the comfy, white jackets? Certainly not - agree? Well, Tony Stark always was a bit - special. His family shares in that love. But one day that love taken from him when his wife was killed and his three youngest went missing, him returning to Asgard. When his sons are found, a certain Headmaster is in for the Avengers wrath, as well as that of the mischievous sons. Everyone loves Peter's science brain and wants to partner with him for the project. Commence tug-of-war battle over who gets the adorable genius. Ultimate Spider-Man - Rated: Family is What you Make it by Princess reviews Jenna Potter always believed what people told her about her parents, until a letter said otherwise.

    Jenna now must find her older half brother, who doesn't even know she exists. Jim Kirk has always had only one person to look out for: Now he has to deal with megalomaniac old men with control issues to keep his sister safe, who is as prone to attracting trouble as he is. An introduction to an unusual man has her pulling herself out of her depression, challenging her to face herself and become more than she is.

    When Harry doesn't know by NeoNerd reviews I've seen several fics where Harry "owns, or controls" the school. I think it could be made funny if he doesn't know. When Hermione is told her Polyjuice problem is permanent, Harry refuses to let his best friend go through this alone. He chooses to drink a similar potion, and the consequences of that choice are unpredictable and far-reaching. Rating for later themes. In which Peter Parker gets hired by Stark Industries, accidentally.

    Usually it was of the female or food variety; the first, though, had been limited since he started dating Pepper, and the second was more following his stomach. Still, it wasn't everyday someone saw a white marshmallow looking robot walking down the street. It is an opportunity to save her love, - even if it means saving him from herself, - the lives of many and the Republic from Palpatine, But as she strives to do so, many changes arise, from which comes a future she never looked for.

    Horrified, he attempts to leave her a protector by buffing up her best friend. Mischievous and Magical by karategirl reviews After Hermione finds a mysterious coin in the Library she is transported to Asgard where she learns an interesting new fact about herself. Post seventh book, pre Thor. The Protector by Typically Unconcerned reviews "I am sorry to inform you that after the War you must make a decision, one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. It referred to a protector, one that would rise from amongst the ranks and defend the greater good not only in this time, but in another.

    A bit of cracked fun and a certain burglar who is asked to steal a dwarf from the Halls of the Waiting. Legolas and Gimli deep and abiding friendship. Humor, romance, fun, and a little theft. A Little Child Shall Lead Them by White Squirrel reviews After the war, Hermione is haunted by the friends she lost, so she comes up with an audacious plan to fix it, starting way back with Harry's parents. Now, all she has to do is get herself taken seriously in , and then find a way to get her old life back when she's done. When Hermione Met Phil by mariteri reviews The name pretty much says it all.

    A prequel to "Healing the Avengers". Time Turned Back by sakurademonalchemist reviews Harry was sick of it all.

    So when he catches Draco in Snape's private stores, he decides that he isn't going to stand back and let Draco lie about it. During the fight, a rare and unusual herb is hit, and Harry gets splashed with the concoction Determined not to be used again, he befriends a younger Snape and changes his name. A new chance by CallunaRubus reviews When Harry is badly treated at Hogwarts the Dursleys see the light and take him to a wizarding school in Australia, far away from Britain. But with Dumbledore and Voldemort lurking around, will he be able to live there in peace? Healing the Avengers by mariteri reviews Life for Dr.

    Hermione Granger as head of medical for S. Set during the Avengers movie there will be a few spoilers , rare pairing, and rated T, as I am clueless and that seemed to be a safe bet. Except for Happy and Pepper. No one knew that beneath that genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist was a deep secret.

    Tony is not the last Stark. Somewhere in the world, someone shares the same blood as him. Tony Stark has a daughter The lost son by Rose de Sharon reviews Summary: AU, set in Season 8. Fed up by his co-workers' attitude towards him, McGee accepts a perilous six-month mission in Afghanistan. His absence finally opens the eyes of Team Gibbs, but will it be too late?

    We create our own demons. The aftermath of Extremis and the Mandarin's terrorist attacks caused ripple effects everywhere and months later Stark Industries is still rocking from the aftershocks. Because they're less of a company and more of a family who still care, who still worried. Twisted Roads by SharpShooter43 reviews Iley Potter-Witwicky knew she was strange with the whole 'parents-sending-her-to-the-Dursleys-and-abandoning-her-thing' but when her adoptive brother Sam brings home an alien car and sends her and her best friends, Mikaela and Danielle on a great adventure , she realizes it's about to get a whole lot stranger.

    Please Read and Review. A Cookbook of Middle Earth by elveriamoir reviews Due to demand Bilbo has released a cook book pertaining to the recipes he has cooked or tried in his journey through middle earth. I promise it is not just recipes, back stories are included. Konoha Spider by texaswookie reviews Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented.

    He befirends Naruto, is claimed by the Abrume Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriendig a Fox have? Wave-Search for Tsnudae Arc. Tricksters and Gods by sakurademonalchemist reviews Loki's in for it now. Odin has had enough and has banished him to Earth to relearn some lessons. Too bad he hadn't paid attention to where Loki ended up. Now Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, has to deal with memories that aren't his own while he gets his revenge on those who sought to use him as a weapon.

    Can Harry regain what he lost, or will his past self take control first? Setting Things Right by mariteri reviews Hermione Granger's life has taken a weird twist. And when an angel falls through her ceiling, things are only going to get stranger from there. Rated M for mature content and language. An Angel and a Trickster by sakurademonalchemist reviews The twins had no idea what they were unleashing on the poor unsuspecting populace of Hogwarts But they were glad to summon the infamous Trickster Loki in order to deal with a growing problem know as Umbridge. Now Angel is soul bonded to a Trickster god slash Arch Angel.

    A Lioness and her Cubs by hermionewiz27 reviews The Weasley twins have gone to far. They have left the Gryffindor common room in shambles, and the students are with out any place to stay. It falls to professor McGonagall to watch our favorite trio during their first year, and take care of them.

    How things would have been different if Odin had placed Loki in the mortal body of James Potter? Race Over In a Heartbeat by prismdreams reviews Barry's mind began to rush after the kiss he shared with Felicity on the train. What he felt wasn't something he planned. And now, he couldn't stop the overflow of emotions. Maybe he didn't want it to stop. There and Back Again by stolen with the night reviews There he was ready to accept his departure to the dying lands when he wakes fifty years old again and a naked as the day he was born baby Frodo by his side with all ten little fingers.

    Bilbo is going to make everything right for his new son, that means he doesnt have time for meddlesome wizards and dragons or even dwarrow Kings that his foolish old heart still yearns for even now Hobbit - Rated: An unused Emerald Green leather covered diary that had belonged to his mother Lily. Harry had found it in his trust vault the day Hagrid had taken him to Gringotts.


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    Riddle was not the only one who could enchant a diary. Kneel by fringeperson reviews Sometimes, it's ego-tripping. Sometimes, it's something that you've just wanted to yell at people for oh so very long, because no one has ever listened to a thing you've ever said before. Oneshot, complete, don't own.

    Lokison by fringeperson reviews Loki, sentenced to live the life of a mortal, comes away more changed than his father quite anticipated. Blue by fringeperson reviews In recruiting people to his cause, Loki is introduced to his most valuable asset's girlfriend. For reasons beyond comprehension, this changes things Mischief Mastered by fringeperson reviews Oneshot companion piece to Mischief Managed, detailing Loki's side of things a little more, and where Dumbledore was - or wasn't, as the case may be - and why.

    Please read Mischief Managed first. Mischief Managed by fringeperson reviews A man with black hair, green eyes and pale skin watched over a child with black hair, green eyes, pale skin, and a variant of the Elder Futhark rune Sowilo etched upon his brow. Over a Drink by KrazzeeAJ reviews Leonard gets talked into going out for a drink but his night ends differently then he thought it would. Too Many Travellers by Inusitatus reviews Harry letting himself get hit by Voldemort's killing curse had slightly different results in this particular AU!

    If die, only in Manhattan by niewypowiedziane reviews A few months after coming back from Afghanistan, Tony finds out that he has cancer. Faced with that and other problems, what does he do? He hides behind Iron Man's mask and disappears from the world. For some time, the world almost forgets. The Avengers never get to meet Tony Stark, but someone is too curious for their own good. Tony, secret identity AU Avengers - Rated: Actually, it started with the bugs, but the Avengers are trying to forget the bugs.

    So there's a little girl and the Hulk, who keeps doing heroic things that makes social media explode. Meanwhile, Bruce Banner wants to know what's up with those t-shirts. Basically, this is the story of how the Hulk became New York's favourite Avenger. Catching a Train by Silver Blazen reviews All it took was one kiss for Barry and Felicity figure out that they both needed each other. Ten years later, they want Hermione Jones, honorary member of SG-1, back.

    A Re-imagining of the Quest of Erebor. Billa Baggins is not your average burglar, but she's always had a certain spark. Something Thorin initially resents, and ultimately grows to love. Begins with Billa's meeting of Thorin Oakenshield and carries through the events of Erebor's reclaiming Co-authored with Eleanor Damaschke. The Bounty by monbade reviews Harry meets the most dangerous person he could ever meet.

    He meets a squib who reads and this squib helps Harry get over Cedric's death and gives him a trunk full of information that he's collected over sixty years. Voldy better look out, for the Bounty has been placed on his butt and their out to collect. Its a small world by DaisyRomanov reviews Skye meets all the avengers before new york, before they are a team.

    Jade Angel by sakurademonalchemist reviews Erika Potter is killed by Vernon in a drunken stupor, only to be sent back from heaven by an irate seraph. Distraught, Erika decides enough is enough and returns to a hobby she was forced to give up in exchange for magic Little does she know that her passion for dancing will lead her to America, and into the hands of a certain crossroads demon Lads and Lasses by EverydayMagic17 reviews It is a curious, and little known fact about dwarves, even among themselves, that in almost every case a name containing only three letters will belong to one of their rare females.

    Such was so in the famous company of Thorin Oakenshield. Alternate Beginnings by ack reviews Taylor takes a different tack in dealing with the bullies very early on in story canon. This ends her up in an unusual situation. What she gets out of it is up to her Hermione had declared that in their first year at Hogwarts. Well, even after the war, with Voldemort dead, wizards refused to change the things that were important to prevent events that led to the war in the first place to repeat themselves. Time for Harry to make sure, at the right time and place, to teach them.

    The Dance by mariteri reviews It's John and Mary's wedding and Sherlock's promised Hermione a dance-something everyone there will remember for a very long time to come. Set at the end of episode 2 of series three of Sherlock. Rated T in order to play it safe. All sorts by broomstick flyer reviews Bits and pieces that we either never developed, cut from stories, or simply gave up on.

    Ideas we lost interest. If you want to borrow any of them to use then do so with our blessings. A Hobbit in Laketown by phantom-lass reviews The Dwarves climb into Bard's house and find something they weren't expecting. A Shot in the Dark by Silver pup reviews AU — When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in his old bed in his old home in his old body. Or a trick of magic? Either way, Bilbo recognizes a second chance when he sees one, and this time his adventure with Thorin is going to go a bit differently.

    Harry Potter and his Veela Mate by Ares. Granger reviews A Harmony story. Hermione is a Veela and discovers this shortly before their fourth year. What will Hermione's new powers do to alter Harry's fourth year? Warning- there's Ron-bashing ahead. If you dislike Ron-bashing, don't read.

    When Rules Change by missisjoker reviews Thor and Loki are sent to Earth to negotiate a peace treaty and alliance with humans. To princes amazement, earthlings seem to favor Loki over Thor for some reason There she meets Naruto, an orphan boy who introduces her to the person who will change her life: Elite Jounin Hatake Kakashi. Rated T for future content. George choose her, Kodos couldn't beat her, and Frank couldn't control her.

    No matter what they did, or didn't do, she wasn't easily broken As always, I have taken great liberties with the plot. It took her eight years and a summer in the desert of New Mexico to have the answer literally fall from the sky, in the form of a banished Thunder God. Inspected By No 13 by Clell reviews When he learns that flying anywhere near a Dragon is a recipe for suicide, Harry tries a last minute change of tactics, one designed to use the power of the Bureaucracy forcing him to compete against itself.

    Little does he know that his solution is its own kind of trap. Eye of the Beholder by kaotic reviews In which the dwarves question hobbit ages, and a hobbit questions dwarven ideals of beauty. Bilbo learns something interesting, Kili learns something fun, and Gloin is a stick in the mud. In Which Cloud Travels Back in Time Again by misminor reviews You'd think that if Cloud was given another chance at life to fix everything that went wrong, he'd gladly take it. He did take it. And he was grateful for it too.

    The first 10 repeats, that is. Frankly, by his 30th life, Cloud no longer gave a damn. Hermione Walked into a Pub by mariteri reviews The name sort of says it all. I do not own Harry Potter, Sherlock or any of their characters. Nor do I make any money from the posting of this fanfiction.

    Every hero counts by youngjusticefanatic reviews There's a riot down in Manhattan. Iron Man and Captain America are the first on the scene but they are joined by the vigilante Spider-Man. Although neither is certain about the masked man, they both end up respecting him. And who's that kid? Tribute by Lady Moonwolf reviews "Merlin," Pansy breathed as she stared glassy-eyed at a tomato-red Neville. Some sort of muggle porn?

    The classroom was suddenly very warm. This story is a tribute to all my favorite authors in the Harry Potter fandom. May you enjoy them as much as I Harry Potter - Rated: The Observer Effect by d1x1lady reviews After Tony Stark outs himself as Iron Man on live television, he acquires a magical stalker in the form of a bored female Harry Potter, who has emerged from the Veil of Death in a world without wizards.

    A cat-and-mouse game ensues when Stark's curiosity drives him to ever-increasing lengths to capture his invisible benefactor, who struggles with maintaining her distance. Full Circle by Crazy Mishka reviews After the war a paranoid Harry Potter discovers something amiss, and sets out to find and hopefully save Hermione Granger.

    Due to circumstances beyond his control, time throws in a twist. Iron Deception by phantom-lass reviews At 18 Toni's life is settling down. Thanks to decisions made by people who wanted to control her the whole world is under the impression that she is a man, but hey, as long as the world leaves her alone she doesn't really care. And then the Avengers Initiative happens and things get complicated again when her conscience prods her to help Tony Avengers - Rated: The Blacks Are Back! When Arcturus Black sees something unusual on the family tree, he starts to investigate…and gets a whole lot more than he bargained for.

    Dumbledore and Voldemort aren't what they seem, and a couple of his family members are suspiciously alive. So, he does what all Blacks do when they realize something's wrong: After a pleasant week in the Shire, she was supposed to go home. However, Thorin and Balin were worried that Bilbo Baggins might not make a very good burglar. They decided that Elmyra just might be the extra burglar they needed whether she wanted to be one or not.

    M.L. Sawyer (Author of Quest of the Demon)

    Moving On by Kallanit reviews After the war, Hermione finds that she has drifted apart from Harry and Ron, as their lives head in different directions. As new opportunities come to her and she makes new friends, will the Golden Trio ever reconnect? And instead of a son, they had a baby girl, Rayna. Upon discovering their sister's death, Thor and Loki swear to protect their niece, when they find her.

    How will the discovery that she is one of the Aesir change the events after fourth year? At Your Service by HouseOfWolves12 reviews Catalina, Bilbo's extremely odd niece, is granted the ability to accompany the 13 dwarves and wizard on their quest. Will a certain young prince by the name of Kili find his home as well as love?

    Now he has to retake the Quest of Erebor, stop himself from making old mistakes and hopefully make sure that both he and his nephews survive this. And deal with anything else that may crop up this time. Mama Bear by Marion Hood reviews Family means more than blood. And that's more true than usual for the Winchester boys and their godmother. Of Tables That Turn by Neferit reviews During their Wandering Days, hobbits are turned away from the gates of Erebor for being "weak and pathetic", continuing their Walk until they reached the Shire.

    Now the dwarves are searching for a new home, as the Lonely Mountain had been taken by Smaug. How do the tables turn What do you do to stop a genocidal dark wizard? If it sinks your entire economy, well That just makes things more interesting. That was what company always thought and what the company most certainly didn't see any reason to change their opinion about. Yet, Company certainly doesn't know everything, and neither Bella, nor Ori have the intention of ever educating them on the subject.

    A story of how Ori and Bella are not that innocent. Marble and Molerats by alicat54 reviews Bilba Baggins is not entirely respectable, and it's not just because her grandmother taught her how to throw a battle ax. This doesn't quite change the outcome of a certain adventure, but it certainly changes her reaction to it. Where You Go, I Go by Neferit reviews Bilbo has a friend, hobbit girl in this case named Viola Whitfoot , who refuses to let Bilbo leave the Shire on his own in company of 13 strange dwarves and a wizard, no matter what they tell her.

    She's used to dealing with strangers, after all, after years working at the inn. Friends do not leave each other in time of need. With romance in later chapters. A new day has come by Estelle Stafford reviews Loki met his soul-mate when he was a lonely child and she was declared 'his' pet and he demanded to keep her forever.

    And for awhile… he was not alone but then… she disappeared. When they meet again what will Darcy think of the man he has become? A time travel fan-fiction. Watch him as he changes the course of history. Rated T to be safe. Where is our heroes?

    Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2) Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2)
    Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2) Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2)
    Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2) Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2)
    Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2) Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2)
    Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2) Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2)
    Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2) Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2)
    Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2) Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2)
    Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2) Elflings (Quest of the Demon Aftermath Book 2)

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